China-Vacation: Guangzhou Day 1

The flight took 5 hours from K.L as we arrived at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport at 9:30 a.m. the local time is no difference with Malaysia and the weather is not cold but not hot too. haha..just nice lor~ we just straight away went to my friend's house at the Clifford Mansion, Ming Yue Road. a very sleek and beautiful house. love it!

The public transport here are several and easy to get. you just need to know where you are heading to. as for the taxi, just pronounce the road name clearly since they are in Chinese language lor. better you wrote on the paper beforehand. then for the bus, you need to know what number of the bus and just refer to the board provided at each station and the fees is only RMB 2.00 / 2 yen for each travel towards anywhere.

After took some rest, my friend's parents guided us to the very first destinations, the Fabric Mall and the International Digital City at the Dashatou Lu (Dashatou Road). note that the currency is approximately RMB 100 yen = RM 50.50 . yup, i am quite rich! haha..

Assuredly, you are wondering about the pricing right? yup, as half as the money exchanged, the stuff there are cheaper compare to Malaysia. as example, i got the currently-everyone-wanna-own-it power bank at ONLY RM50 and the pure Chinese silk RM150 for 4 meter. hmm...not really interested with the fabrics since the patterns are nothing different with the one that sold in Malaysia.

Then, we had dinner at a Muhammad Muslim Food Restaurant which located at the Heng Fu Road. the food is nice but the service is REAL BAD. oh gosh, the waitress is rude, hate her! is not recommended although the owner is quite HOT...hehehe. to the owner, you better hire a new waitress lor~

Now, talking about Halal restaurant. yup, it is easy to find it in here at Guangzhou. there is even one row of arabic restaurants in the middle of the city but sorry couldn't remember the road name. huhu..go and google yourself ok.

Next, we headed to the Beijing Lu which caters number of shopping malls. sadly, we couldn't continue our shopping hunting since it was raining heavily. plus, we already tired since the arriving. so, we just decided to take the taxi and went back home. yup, the NIGHT ENDED JUST LIKE THAT!

Oh, this is the balcony of the house which is damn stunning. i love the view and the breezy weather up here. extremely peaceful! So, continue the story on the 2nd DAY which provides more info about the interesting places in Guangzhou! wait for it yar..  :)



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