Look #88 - That Indian's Inspired Harem Pants

H&M scarf and top / Harem pants from Bandung / 
Unbranded bag from HongKong / Unbranded selipar jamban hahaha

Oh, i always wanted to showcase the pants in here but fortunately, i rarely wearing it on a day. haha..honestly, because of its slouchy and quirky look which will attract people's sight might getting me quite uncomfortable. hahaha..so, i always save it for a lazy night out!

Then, come this Nuffnang's event (which i will update by next week yarrr...) held at the Sunway Lagoon made me decided to wear the pants. it was very casual, extremely laid-back and still stylish in its own way which attracted me to buy it on the last visit to Bandung. not really remember the price but i guess it is around RM60. yup, not really cheap lor but the material and the pattern are great. so, who cares?

Although the top has been wore too many times and already being shared in here but still wanna ramble a bit about it. i love the detailing of the sleeve which comes with buttons. got it at only RM49 if i'm not mistaken. haha..forgot also meh as it was during the YES 2012 hunting.

Honestly, i can't wait to share the Sunway Lagoon Vuvuzela's event in here but sorry, i need to wait for the photos to be cuci first. haha..finally, i'm using my Lomo Waterproof camera yeahhh can't wait to look at the result. haha..must be quite disaster lor because we can't adjust it like the dslr. hehe

Anyhow, glad to announce that me and my dearest babes are going to the Perhentian Island this Thursday! yeahhh..so, please pray for our safety yar... ;)

Photographed by NoorAzuwanna & Edited by SizzlingSuzai.


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  1. Omg. bercuti kat perhentian! nak sangat. lagi-lagi dengan kawan2 kan. Nak tunggu update sunway lagoon la. sound interesting.

    btw, nice pants! :)

  2. Dear, you're gorgeous. I like your outfit. :)

  3. TQ soooo much dearest...keep on loving n reading my page here yarr..hehhehehe muahh!!


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