[Review] Pee Mak 2013


Thanks a lot dearest NUFFNANG Malaysia for the premier screening passes, muaahhh3x!! ;) yup, i got the tix at the very last minute and assuredly, it was an unplanned movie hunting with my tersayang Miss Syafiqah. well, again meeting my new blogging buddy aka my KPOP buddy lor named as Joon Yoo dongsaeng ah! hehe..go and visit him at jyjoonyoo yar. we're actually met at the Sunway's Vuvuzela event but still pending the update lor~

So, this Thai's romance, horror and comedy type of movie is directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun and starred by  (Mak),  (Nak),  (Ter),  (Puak),  (Shin) and  (Aey). peeps, Ahh just forget about the other genre as this movie is absolutely a HILARIOUS one!!!


Adapted from the well-known Mae Nak Phra Khanong legend of Thai's folklore. well, sure you have seen the creepy box-office movie named as 'Nang Nak' right? still remember that the husband need to leave his pregnant wife as to fulfill his responsibility as a soldier at a war? then, his wife struggling alone giving the birth at home. when the husband come back after the war ended, the villagers spread a rumor saying that the wife is already died during the maternity and all this time, he is living with a ghost!

Yup, the based of the plot is exactly the same but the difference with this movie is the husband (Mak) returns back home together with his 4 friends! then, this movie invites you to play the guessing game of who is actually the ghost? is it really the wife? the husband? or might be one of the friend? hahaha quite confusing lor~


Lets start with the ranking of serious scene = 1/5......creepy scenes = 2.9/5.....funny scenes = 4.5/5 and overall rank = 4.7/5! yup, this movie is definitely one of the MUST-WATCH one since we were bursting out laughing very hard till it killed my stomach lor~ no cover cover gelak dah! XD

I should say that the zany scenes started at the very beginning of the movie when Ter tries to motivate his soldier-friends who are feeling very down as they are about to lost the war. cannot describe lor as you need to watch it by yourself. ;'(

Then, the story continuing making you laugh your head off as almost every scenes is inclusive of comical acts and scripts. some scenes which i remember are when Mak admonish his friends that they are wrongly pronouncing his name which is not 'Mak' but actually it is 'Mark' as his father is originally from USA. hahaha..adoihhh~

Next is when the friends are trying to get off from the ghost-wife by paddling the boat using their hands as they are absolutely scare and PANIC! hahaha..then, the boat are not going anywhere but just circling around in front of the ghost-Nak! hahha..this is extremely hilarious for me!! yup, everyone in the room were laughing very hard too! XD

Another scene is when the 6 of them (including ghost-Nak) are seating on the boat and playing the guessing game on who is actually the real ghost. then, when Puak who is seating at the very front tries the method of seeing between his leg (method to detect the ghost) asked them to turn their head to right or left, hahaha..its a very confusing moment and of course extremely funny! no time for me to breath lor~ XD

Arghh..don't wanna ramble more about the scenes as it is a long-listed one lor. go and having fun by yourself ok. another thing that made me adore this movie is the serious/fear scenes is just like 3 seconds then, it turns out to be funny again. yup, no time to boring you at all! even no time to take a breath while laughing lor..it is seriously a continuous one! hahaha

So, i'm super tired now writing on this and doing my very best to convince you that this movie is absolutely one of the BEST COMEDY movie i've ever watch and definitely worth your energy and money to go and buy the tix!

Again, the ranking is 4.7 out 5!! Malaysian, the release date of PEE MAK in all the local cinema is on this coming 6TH JUNE 2013. so, mark it so you can watch the most ADORABLE yet tooo HOT to handle guy acting in this movie. oh Mario, i got a seriously hard crush on you!!


Daa..wanna have my lunch break...super hungry!

*super faint* hahaha

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