Look #89 - Glamorous Lifestyle in K.L from AM-to-PM

H&M scarf / F21 inner, rings & necklace / Stole from mom outerwear /  
Diesel jeans / Vincci wedges / Charles & Keith bag

Well, this is one of my example of am-to-pm kinda look. admittedly, the outerwear is my office-wear which simply being transformed into a more casual and laid-back outfit. as easy as i just need to unbuttoned it. then, the diamond-pendant necklace is being worn to add a glamorous yet elegance touch on the whole look. sorry as you cannot observe it in these two shots. huhu..

Yup, everything is actually being repeated and already shared in this page. haha..especially the scarf which can clearly claimed that it is my current favourite item out of all. got it at the H&M outlet in Bandung and it was an extremely a buzzworthy purchased!

For those who didn't read the previous post, this look is actually for the Acer Aspire R7 party held by Nuffnang at the Poppy Garden of K.L. yup, love the interior as it is quite sophisticated. oh, i wish i could spend more time striking poses at those white-chic sofa, seriously a nice one, huh what a waste!!

Anyhow, still credit those shots to kak ShilaZizi. tqsm kak! ;)


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  1. wah wah..cantik bangat kamu..hehe

  2. akak ada banyak shawl macam tu...tapi setiap kali nak pakai mesti rasa macam 'bulky' sangat...so..terbiar macam tu je....uhuk


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