Look #87 - I Wish I Could Fly Like The Butterfly

By Thursday, May 09, 2013 ,

Sheer Top from Brand Outlet / Unbranded Pants given by mom / 
Shoes and Knapsack from Bandung / Sunnies from Vincci

Admittedly, i look extremely FATTY in this look huh?! hate it! but i do take it as a motivation to keep on continuing my diet routine and as lesson to learn. haiyoo..why so serious lor? :P

Anyhow, the butterfly motif sheer top is being repeated in here but this time, i'm pairing it with the same colour pants which given by mom from Hatyai. very cheap lor got it at only RM20 and i do love it so much. thanks mom! ;)

Oh, my lessons to learn is do not half buttoned up the top because it will make the upper part bigger and fattier! then, Suzai please do not wrap the scarf as in this look since it make your rounded face became rounder! ok will try my best to avoid it!

photographed by my beloved mom. hehe.


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  1. cool outfits lah dear..akk suka juga pakai bag mcm tuh..hehe

  2. tq kak hehe...mmg ble pkai knackpack ni automatically sendiri pn rs cool jerr..ahaakkss! ;D

  3. hey you! hehe. lama tak jenguk sini.. looking for my blogger friend long long time ago.. Btw, tajuk sangat sesuai dengan baju :)

  4. Hi dear,

    Suka pic looks very very cool =)

  5. tq SCHAJAR..glad hearing from u again..hehe

    kak shila...Arghh tidak no.3 tu plg sy xsuke! ahhahha trpaksa letak je!


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