[Whats Up K.L?] Market@Jaya One on 18.05.13

Girls, shopaholic and all the food-lovers, the market is back! yup, i've been waiting for this for quite a long time and yup, finally it is happening on the same date which i am not available. HUH! yup, so just sharing this good news to all the bazaar/market goers.

So, save some money for a good bargain on this coming Saturday. sure you won't regret it as CHECK OUT the list of awesome vendors here. plus shall you have any inquiries, just visit their official FB page at here.

yup, i've once went to this market but unfortunately, i was late and lot of vendors already wrapping up their booth. so, peeps be extra early and remember to bring your own tote as NO BAG is allow on Saturday shopping lor. now, CHECK the look of the day through my Canon here. What-When-Wear @Market Jaya One.

sharing is caring though and good luck for the hunting. :)


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  1. lama xpergi evnt mcm ni..dulu boleh dikatakan stp kali ada mesti pergi..huhu..tp malangnya ada wedding sabtu ni..:)

  2. hahaha sama lah kak..tu yg dok excited tunggu market ni aleh2 sy plak dh de activity lein... ;'(


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