NN Acer & Intel "PLAYsure Redefined" Post Party

By Sunday, May 26, 2013

love those cubicles..nak satu!
nice venue indeed
a hot bartender one! haha ;D
with Kak Shila Zizi sayang :)
a great dinner for the night!
the goodies bags.
oh semangat tuh participating in one of the game and we're......lost!
hot Dj is spinning on the table by using the Acer Aspire R7!
meeting again the Anis Athia :) muka cam hantu..lalallaala
With Aida yeahh..finally we met! :)
my dongsaeng! JunYoo yg giler kat Hyuna! haha XD
trying my best to blend with party mode. ;P
oh oh imma photogenic at every angle! ;P
the gift from Acer!

Event: Acer Aspire R7 Party
Venue: Poppy Garden, K.L
Camera: Canon EOS 550D

Firstly, thanks to dearest Nuffnang for the invitation! i was hesitating on the last minute since i don't have partner but thankfully met my blogger buddies, Kak Shila, JunYoo, Anis & Aida. yeahhh..the night turned out to be very joyful! ^^

What i cherish throughout the event are mingling with awesome bloggers, very nice food fulfilling my empty stomach, adding on my limited knowledge bout the PC stuff and the new ACER inventions and of course the goodies! hehe..anyhow, my fav part would be the #myacertouch photobooth where you can take the printed hard copy back home as well as the softcopy tru your email! teheeee!

Hey, btw this new ACER is launching 2 new models which are the Apire P3 & the Aspire R7. 

Firstly, the Aspire P3 is a slim ultrabook which only weighed of 0.79kg and 9.95mm in thick and comes with a touchscreen 11.6" lPS display. very light and very suitable for a blogger who always go on travel! ;)

Whilst the Aspire R7 is more surprising as it can be transformed into 4 modes; Notebook, Ezel, Pad and Display. seriously inspiring! i was stun seeing the 15.6" screen being flipped and swapped to change its look. well, watch the vid for a clearer view. :)

OK then, check the official page of ACER for more info. btw, will try my very best to update about the IMPECCABLE Kpop Dream Concert and Nuffnang's Genting Highlands experiences as soonest as i can! ;)


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  1. Dropping by to say hi..met u here at the party..
    Nice meeting u.. :)

  2. wuuu..sorry tak dpt teman akak ...

  3. wow that awesome event that I miss..huhu

  4. Bestnya event2 happening cengginiiii ♥

  5. Love the picture taken! Memang photogenic dalam empat2 gambar tu tau. Like seriously~

  6. Suzai makin cantik....asik attend party je tau budak ni...jeles! anyway, nak baju pink tu satu.....hehe


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