What-When-Wear?: Hong Kong Part 2

Location: random places in Hong Kong inclusive MRT station (not remember which station anymore~), Ngong Ping 360, The Peak HK & Citygate Outlet mall.

i don't have any specific interest when capturing the look but these are all the one that attracted me. well, must said that nothing is too extravagant in here as it look like a Malaysian streetstyle lor. anyhow, the last pic is the only guy who is wearing a flip-flop. like seriously? haha..flip-flop aka selipar jamban is Malaysian favourite shoes lor. hehe..Malaysia is freaking HOT bebeh~  XD

anyhow, wait for the last part update as it features more look which are more independent and more stylish. thus, to the person in the photo, thanks and sorry for taking your pic without a permission beforehand. huhu..if any of you are reading this and want me to delete your pic, well just let me know. ;)

Disclaimer: photo are courtesy of these fabulous people.

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