China-Vacay: Guangzhou DAY 2

Starting the 2nd day with crazily hunting at the must-go place called as One-Link Plaza or International Wholesale Centre. it is located at Yide Road near the Haizu Square. this is heaven place to shop for gift, home decor or personal stuff.

Obviously, this is my fav spot since one shop is selling things differ with another shops! freaking awesome as the price is definitely half of RM lor. nah, the range is real-wide as i don't know how to explain and what should i list in here. say it toys / bags / fridge magnet / phone accessories / arts&crafts (very wide!) / furnishing / household ornaments (like lamps, frames, curtains, wall clocks & etc). oh enough! seriously, you can find ANYTHING in this 8 floors mall!

After spending like 3 hours in the mall, we walked towards the Yu Xiue Park where placed the Saad Abi Waqas tomb. it is also the location of the oldest mosque in China. fyi, Saad Abi Waqas is the responsible companion of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) who introduce Islam to China in 650, during the reign Emperor Gaozong of Tang. Wallahualam..

Tonight, we have our dinner at the exquisite Muslim restaurant called as Nur Boston Restaurant. located just behind the Guangzhou Friendship Store of Times Square. a very nice one and will write a special entry for the place. :)

Then, we go for the Pearl River Cruise before headed back home. the fees is depending on what level you choose. we chose the upper level which cost us approximately RM25 per pax. quite pricey but OK-lah as the view was magnificent and the freight took almost 30 minutes. yup, worth to experience the cruise and witness the stunning tower of Guangzhou. To witness the Canton Tower right in front of your eyes is definitely cool! :)

OK quite a tiring day. i am sooooo thankful to both my friend and her parents for guiding me tour the city of Guangzhou. appreciating is not enough since her mom cook for us and her dad paid everything for me, the taxi, the fees and even the food! huhu..thank you sooo soo much and insyAllah will again visit you guys if Allah give me more rezk in the future. hopefully, amin.. :)


So, lets see if i'm still in the mood talking about the 3rd DAY vacay at the world's city, HongKong. HUH!!! for whom who didn't read the previous post, do please know that i was accidentally deleted all my photos in HongKong...the STUPID me! yup, i'm not anticipate of this vacay anymore.................

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