China-Vacay: Hong Kong Itinerary

Caution: the pics here are IKHSAN from my backpacker buddy, Miss Tia and the only one which left in my phone memory. yup, i lost ALL my HK-vacay photos! so, i'm not really in the good mood of talking about this Hong Kong trip but let me just simply sharing out the places that i've been. atleast.

#1 Hong Kong Disneyland

Definitely a MUST-GO place when you vacay at HK! well, please know that i've been dreaming to visit the place since i know that it is existed and seriously, i feel like it was a dream to finally being there..Alhamdulillah. :) here are some of the tips:

1) entrance fees for an ADULT is $450.00 app RM235.00. so, need to save a big budget here.
2) avoid the peak season! we were damn lucky as we got the time to experience 7 rides in the short 3 hours! yup, our longest queuing time is ONLY like 30 minutes and the others were like 5-15 minutes. freaking Awesome!
3) target the 'adult' rides only and don't wasting your time on the childish one. compulsory to ride:
Space Mountain (Tomorrow Land)
RC Racer (Toy Story Land)
the MOST AMAZING one: Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars (Grizzly Gulch)
4) there are locker rooms provided to keep your belonging. no worry, if you go after a shopping sphere!
5) lastly, don't missing out the 'Flights Of Fantasy' parade and the famous splendid FIREWORKS at night!

#2 Peak Tram + Madame Tussauds

This is another great attraction in HK which is a compulsory to visit. during my visit, the temperature descend to 18 degree or something, very cold (thank God we were wearing a thick sweater!) and seriously foggy! this is not cool as i failed to witness the well-known HK view from the top because the fog was covering all over the places! ( sad no pic to define the look, stupid me!). here are some sharing:

1) we chose the combo package (two-way Peak Tram special lane + Madame Tussauds tix) which is $215 app RM120.
2) yup, Madame Tussauds is REAL FUN and worthy! (Arghhh again damn sad, our bunch of photos with the wax actors were gone! stress!!!)
3) try to avoid the foggy day as mine since you cannot see anything down there. so, kinda waste lah~
4) the HK Hard Rock Cafe outlet selling the tees is up here.

#3 Ngong Ping 360 (Crystal Cabin)

Honestly, this is not in planning since the fees is quite expensive though! haha but thank God as finally, we made it because it was one of the great memory indeed. :) hehe..if you are the fan of the Korean game show, Running Man, you will familiar with the place. here are some sharing:

1) actually you can choose between the standard normal cable car or the crystal cabin one. tapi rugi lah dear standard cable car can easily found at Genting Highlands & Langkawi, Malaysia. so, we spent the money to gain this priceless experience!
2) the fees for crystal cabin is $213 app RM120. yup, standard cabin is half cheaper.
3) the scenery & view up there are beautiful but again, sadly all the photos were gone.. ;'(
4) for both of us who love the extreme thingy, we were completely fearless and just enjoying the moment. :)

#4 Citygate Outlets (Tung Chung)

[photo credit to the owner]

Located 90 international branding outlets and offering up to 70% discount are quite indulgence to the shopaholic  well, i was so arouse over one of the Kate Spade's tote and nearly, buy one with only approximate RM600! giler tak? thank God, i put it back! are some sharing:

1) based on my buddy's opinion, she claimed that the JB Premium Outlet is so much better and featuring wider choices.
2) for me, the outlet's pricing is quite satisfy since you can get the gorgeous Coach handbag with only $1,000+ approximately RM600+.
3) the Nike & Adidas are the most famous one. no wonder, lot of locals are wearing stunning Nike everywhere. oh, quite regret for not buying one for myself~
4) Some of the well-known branding available; Coach, Kate Spade, Diane von Furstenberg, Furla, Levis, A|X Armani Exchange, Clavin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Swarovski, Adidas, Nike, Puma, Body Shop, Sasa (where selling all the perfumes with half price!) and etc.

#5 Star Avenue

[photo credit to the owner]

This is the very last place before we headed to the airport. yup, sure you need to come on a day to see the star's signature and hand printed on the floors while witness the Hong Kong island horizontally opposite of the sea. a very nice view! ya lah, cannot be compare with the Hollywood one lah of course. (==)

#6 Ladies Market (night market)

[photo credit to the owner] while traveling is compulsory for me!, i always need to distribute atleast 40% of the money for it. basically, HK got several night market but this LADIES MARKET is the famous and longest one. so, forget about other markets as it could save your money. here are some sharing:

1) located at Mong Kok (can easily reached by stop at the MRT Mong Kok)
2) open till late night. so, keep this place as the last one of the day.
3) remember to wisely bargain HALF of the offered price. yup, one of the seller offers a bag for $450 (RM240 kat pasar malam giler ke??). honestly, i was just asking without the intention of buying and when she said, how much do i want, i said $120! after some argument, i got it at $150!, i bought! LOL.
4) stuff you can see in here; lot of bags, gifts (variety), accessories, t-shirts & etc.
5) a crowded place indeed. so, beware.

#7 Dah Balik! Balik! haha

hopefully, this long-listed info are helping. no worry if you still demand for other info as i'm also planning to list on our whole budget + expenses for this trip especially the backpacking hostel we stayed and the freight charges inclusive the train from Guangzhou to HK. yup, lot of other things! so, wait for another entry..insyAllah. ;')

huh, finally got a courage to write on this post. please know that loosing the photos is like a dreadful nightmare for me. extremely speechless! took about few days to redeem myself and get back on the track. yup, it was happened and cannot be undo. so, accept it and learn from it Suzai! (="=)

yup, trip to HK was absolutely FUN! Alhamdulillah for the rizk and thanks a lot for reading! ;')



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  1. Super cool !

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us ;)

    I wanted to see how it looked like there so I'm happy haha


  2. seronoknyaaa..nanti ada rezeki turn pika la pulak nak jalan-jalan ^_^

  3. yup very nice and memorable one indeed....go girls save ur money and fly!! hehe


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