NN Vuvuzela moment at Sunway Lagoon

Oh gosh finally, here is the update on the Nuffnang's Vuvuzela & 5D Waterplexx moment at the Sunway Lagoon which was held on the previous 11th May 2013! yup now we're already at the 4th week of May. sorry dearest as too many things happened and i just need to follow all those dreadful deadline. well atleast, i know that i'm starting to get busy and messy with all the invitations. yeahh still LOVE it!

Undeniably, the VUVUZELA is a new ride that everyone's should give a try. i love the peak point when you will be suck into a huge hole which sure gonna pumping your adrenaline a bit faster lor. then, the 5D Waterplexx is another attraction that might excite you since you will be hardly splash by tons of water throughout the screening. yup, THROUGHOUT the screening..haha just enjoy yourself and ready to get wet!

fyi, we got 5P passes which is the access to all the Sunway Lagoon's 5 PARKS!! seriously we have successfully conquered the water park, amusement park, wildlife park, extreme park & scream park and all of that for FREE OF CHARGE! yeahhh muahhh3x to Sunway Lagoon & the dearest Nuffnang. ;)

Well remember, recently i bought a waterproof LOMO from the online page. hehe..nah, check the result below as we captured it at the Sunway surf beach where the water is a crystal clear one. quite nice lor~ ;)

Honestly i need to thanked this event as here was the starting point of me getting to know kak ShilaZizi and my dongsaeng JunYoo. they are freaking fun to be with and now, we become the real-friend-bloggers who keep on meeting at the Nuffnang events! teheee! ^^

Thus, to my babe NoorAzuwanna thanks for spending a great time together yarr ;) and to all the lovely readers keep on viewing / reading / commenting and assuredly loving my humble page here yar. Daa c ya on the next next events.. ;)


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