VUVUZELA: World's Largest Water Ride is now at the Sunway Lagoon!!

Woohoooo...Asia's Best Attraction, Sunway Lagoon is introducing a new attraction named as VUVUZELA! as fancy as the name, this world's largest water ride is featuring 30 metres high, 152 metres water ride and 22 metres funnel!!

Still doesn't feel the excitement? well, check this out.

The turbulent riding is begin at the lunch tower with the height of 11 stories (30 metres) building! besides, you can also witness your own silly expression while riding on the raft as it is equipped with ride cameras and audio together with some nearby video screens. seriously Awesome!

Well, Sunway Lagoon is recently celebrating their 20th Anniversary wherein they just launched the World's Waterplexx 5D, a motion base cinema comes with water element. hurry up and be the first 1000 Malaysians on the 20th of each month and get the special pricing of only RM20!

Yup, and now the latest is this VUVUZELA. so, don't missing it out peeps. be the first among your friends to experience this zero gravity ride at the one and only Malaysia Sunway Lagoon!

Nah, lets take a look at my expected expression of riding on this largest water ride! HAHAHA XD

OK stop laughing or even grinning on the REAL-silly look of mine! HAHAHAHAHA *blushing hardly* then, lastly let me answer the world easiest question by the Nuffies. :)

“Why do you want to join Nuffnang for a bloggers’ day-out at Sunway Lagoon?”

 I should join because i am a NUFFNANG GLITTERATI BLOGGER and i do LOVE extreme thingy soooooooo  sOOOo soooo much!!



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