Watch me starring in the Acer Ads!

Guys, i'm too excited here as i'd like to announce that i'm the main star of an ads of a big brand Acer. haha yup, it will be lively air on this blog starting on TOMORROW!  (maybe you can already see it by now)

Alhamdulillah for the rizk and sure its worth to REPLY it again and again. hahhaa..Thus, remember to watch this space starting on (16/5/13) until (11/6/13) if the vid is not there at the top of the header. yup, usha sampai bosan and muntah hijau eh. hehe Thanks a lot Nuffnang and yup, it was real FUN! ;)

Disclaimer: video is directed by SizzlingSuzai and shot by NoorAzuwanna.


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  1. besok kita tengok sampai muntah!! Me pun dapat gak =)

  2. Wah2, retis! Jangan tengok anis punya, maluw english anis tak power tapi nak jugak cakap english dalam video tu.. >_<

  3. cantik! Suka video awak =) Next!! Project C >__<

  4. omg..comel juga ads tu..congrats..


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