Wrapping up the Vampire Diaries Season 1/2



I've told you that i'm addicted to this evil creature, theirs super power of hypnotizing the human, theirs strong attraction to the human's flesh and blood and theirs seductive nature! yup, i'm theirs loyal fan and i'm watching the series of this well-known The Vampire Diaries from the very beginning of the episode 1 of season 1.

As for that, i'm very familiar with all the terms of vervain, doppelganger, the Gilbert rings, the tomb, the moonstone, the Sun and the Moon curse and so on and so forth. it was fun to learn their vocabs and guess what, i'm so into it. haiyyoooooo...a fanatic fan indeed?

Now, you would probably wanna ask which Salvatore brothers is my choice? haha..sorry Elena Gilbert as you were always ignoring him, i'm assuredly choose STEFAN SALVATORE as my vampire lover. oh gosh, he got a cute smile, plus the dimples, tall, tough, obviously not dark but pale =P  and those sexy eyes is killing me. Oppss, not killing but i'm successfully compelled by him!

real name : Paul Wesley

haha..look! look! his modesty and romantic character are mostly attracting me. haha..i wish the STEFAN SALVATORE is exist on this real world, so then what?? Oh, btw i admit that i can't ignore this guy as well since he is more more flirtatious than his lil brother that melting up all the girl fans's pure heart. unfortunately, he was already taken by the real Elena / Katherine a.k.a Nina Dobrev!

real name :  Ian Somerhalder

Ohhhh..besides Stefan, Damon and Tyler, there is another guy that stole my heart who is the history teacher, Mr. Alaric Saltzman. Haihhhh...although he is quite old, well actually not really old, it just he is in the middle of 30s but he is damnnnnnn cute. hemmmm....he is freaking handsome actually! i was in love with him since he appeared on the middle of the season one but due to his marital status, i know i shouldn't put him in the waiting list. hahaha..poor the very good looking Alaric~

Hence, the main idea about this post is i just wanna wrap a bit about the previous season on which episode is my favourite and what scene is i hate the most! now, lets started off with the favourite one. the first ranking is when Elena is asking about breaking their relationship due to Katherine's continuous revenges and then, Stefan was crying for REAL and then, i was crying for real too because my Stefan was hurting badly. Oh Stefan, you will not go through all of this, if you are with me.....hehhehehe

Next, would be the second couple in this series which is also my favourite part. she is Caroline and he is Tyler!! opps..before that, previously i was also the fan of Care and Matt but soon after Matt had changed aggressively and apathetically towards the blonde vampire, Care...i seriously hate him! oh, they were sooooooo sweeeet together and i always hope they are couple for real. frankly, their chemistry is much more stronger compare to Nina and Paul!

Sadly, that was just a memory because i don't think that they will be a couple again. For ever! nevertheless, i'm still loving all their romantic scenes together, the bachelor pad in season 1, the double date scene, the live singing by Care to Matt at the grill bar and etc and etc. huhu..

However, the new-born couple in season 2 which is again Caroline who was broke up with Matt and slowly falling into the wolf, Tayler is cuter! Oh,oh, i bet every fan is loving the scene when Care is taking care of the first-time-turns-into-wolf, Tyler and soon after that, they had their first kiss! OH MY GOSH, that scene is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo romantic! ("n_n)

And this scene is when they were talking at the school and Tyler was so curious about why Care is being really good to him. and this is when I STARTED TO REALIZE THAT oohhhhhhhh goshh..TYLER IS SO HANDSOME in that bulky jersey that showing off his athletic silhouette!!! hahahha....now another crush in the long list~ =P

Then, next would be the short couple of scenes of Alaric and Jenna. again, they were really cute together especially the fact that it is Jenna who initially had interest in Alaric. and the best scene is when she is asking a date with him in the very first season but i was VERY DISAPPOINTED about the fact that JENNA IS DIED at the end of the season 2. Oh, c'mon there are lots of other unimportant characters that you can throw away but please NOT JENNA. i'm still not believing it and still hoping that a miracle will occure soon as she is dying as a vampire lor~ you know that vampire things, deadly killed, come back alive, dead again, alive again~ haha...fiction is fun!

Another thing that i hate in the season 2 which is the love-on-air between Jeremy and Bonnie. Haiihhh...c'mon lah they are not suit with each other despite the age differences but more on the fact that Bonnie is Elena's bestie! how come you build a love relationship with your sister's bestfriend?? so, it looks like Jeremy was tooooooo desperate as he had lost two of his vampire girlfriends twice!

oh oh..Jeremy is tooo cute for Bonnie!

lalalalalallala...i think we had enough here since i know you are already tired with all the previous season of vampire diaries reminiscent. well, actually i just wanna recalled back all those memories since i wanna continue watching the current airing season 3 by tonight!

OK, then..THANKS A LOT if you are patiently reading this soooo long post and

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  1. Are you sure the name is Christine and not Catherine?

  2. huhu..mereka suma hotstuff la babe...real life kalu ada,bw aku sma k..haha XD

  3. k.nawal-->HAHHAHA...thanks a lot for correcting me!! haiyooo..excited sgt xpasan pon patut r rse lein mcm je..christine!! haha =D

  4. dayah bucuk-->sureal HOT!! sbb tu mrk digelar PELAKON! haha klu xhensem xd sape nk nonton..hakuh pon xlayan!hahah..


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