Photoshoot 7 : Messy Morning in Pangkor

Still with the previous Pangkor mode. remember, i've promised you to share on our amateur photoshoot pix in there? so, here is the first batch and the 2nd one is still stuck in the editing 'room'. for now, just ignore those tracksuit, the so-ordinary tee, selipar jamban, the very messy hijab wrapping on me plus-minus the waking-up-from-bed facial look on each of us!

CAUTION, do NOT EXPECT for the thick foundation, blushing blusher or even a red lippie on the models here. as messy as the name, enjoy the shots down here! worry. we have brushed our teeth and washed the face beforehand. initially, the aimed was to observe the sunrise. however, it was already 7:30 a.m when we left the room. so, we ended up looking at each other's sleepy face and posing all around against the nice color wall. you know what, i just can't stand of a plain or a decorated feature wall because it is the great background for a great photo! trust me!

honestly, i personally love the first pix soooo much. the angle, the acts, the color and the symmetry are all well-blended. Oh, ok, i admit the sharpness is weak as there is too much exposure but still a simple yet amazing shot. Thanks Cik Salmi! haha..besides the fact that it looks sooo independent with a little touch of rebellious.. =) 

actually, i wanna elaborate more on that calm morning but i ain't no mood here. huh, facing the same obstacles for my final year project is really exhausting! less energy here as the battery is low..

anyhow, this is the long story of our vacation plus full of the HQ photo. CLICK HERE to view the Pangkor Vacation @ DAY 2! and if you are wondering on how does these all look on behind the scene. haha..this is the making of it!

The super power NIKON is highly appreciated to
Tengku Amni Tengku Shah Buddin. 
The photo are credited to
SizzlingSuzai from WhatSoSizzleBoutSizzlingSuzai?
Wanie-chan from PatPatSikuLipat
NurSalmi from conTeng-conteng,
and NurFarhin from LivingInLove
We are all the simple bloggers who admit to be a camera freak! ^^


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  1. dressing simple disebabkan korang ni mmg muka2 artis, jadi cun melecun gamaknya hehehehe

  2. omgosh how fun! im sure u had so much fun at Pangkor!

  3. azham-->its not just simple, COMOT lg hahaah..haiyoo muke retis?!! haha...xd lah just call it as naturally photogenic LOL! =)) hehe...tq btw!

  4. aiman-->yup we hv lotttsss of FUN since we didnt forget to bring the dslr along!! hahahha..u know we r the camera what?!! hahaha =D

  5. cantik...ngalahkan model je gayanya..walaupun messy...

  6. kak ogosh-->hahahhah...kami mmg giler camera..haha tq kak!

  7. majalah masjid kite-->huuhu..tq yarr for visiting in here ^^


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