Opps, I did it again!

image showing my inner feeling rite now is credited to photobucket.com

haiyooo....i repeated the same ridiculous stalking thing again! hahaha..but this time im sooooo lucky to eventually found his FB without even knowing his name!! hahahhaha...seriously, im an expert here coz i've done it before and before and before....hahahhaa =D

so, guys if you had any crush and you are sooooooooooooo damn curious to know his/her better, just gimme any FB that maybe linked to his/her...then, insyAllah that fortunate person's FB will be found! haha..and you just need to pray that his/her is still single and ready to mingle!

ok, then this is just a shawty one coz i've been busying editing bunch of my PANGKOR vacation with my lovely babes. the total photo is 800++...hoho..so, lots of works to do before i can post it in here.. ^^

lastly, to my current crush who i just added in the FB, hehe..i admire you just the way you are! (".")

Thanks for reading peeps...


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  1. hahahhaa..i xd abg cam u..so kna r nakal... =))

  2. hahaha, already found that guy ke??

  3. k.ogosh-->HAHAHHAHAH..kan sy da kate sy byk crushes!! so thats the thing u should do when u r SINGLE! =))

  4. cik parhin-->HAHAHHAHAH...SAYA BERJAYA!! sgt daebak kan?! ahhaha =D


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