Pangkor Vacation @ DAY 1

Finally, after two weeks of editing, here it is the very first part of my vacation with my babes at the Pangkor Island. HAHA..yup, it is a sequence post as we've took too many amazing photo and i just can't help from posting it in here. so, this is just the beginning!

Thus, a little bit about the island. frankly, this is not my first time being in there since it is situated at the western coast of Perak in peninsular Malaysia where it just approximately take only 4 hours from Selangor/K.L. initially, we've planned to go for backpacking at Perhentian Island where the island is more more more magnificent but due to the monsoon on the east coat of Malaysia, we desperately need to cancel it. huuuarghhhhhhhhh...saya sangat keciwe...

Actually this is our second time going for a vacation together and we've aimed to go around all the beautiful islands in Malaysia including the famous Sipadan Island! hopefully, that dream will be fulfilled since we gonna draw our own path separately after this 3 months, so nobody knows what will happen in the future.. 
(fyi: this is our final year, final sem!).

Haiiyooooo...forget about that sad farewell story and lets move on to this summary of the 1st day. so, we arrived on the island at 3p.m, take some rest and lazily strolling down the beach. not forgetting the crucial activity that me and Wanie-chan being addicted to which is photography. yup, thats explain the 1000+ HQ photo in my lappy now.

Playing with the DSLR is always my fav and i'm gonna make sure that once i've got my own income, i'm surely will own it. so, obviously the supeeerrrrr power NIKON here is not mine, it is highly credited to Tengku Amni Tengku Shahbuddin for offering me to borrow hers. thanks a lot cik Meni cayang... ^^

It seems like the time is running faster when it is already night and we're looking for some nice dinner. thanks God that there is a 'kedai makan' located nearest to our chalet. the taste is great and the price is NORMAL. normal means, it is as standard as when you eat tomyam at the 'Planet Tomyam' restaurant behind your house. haha..usually, the cost on any island is quick expensive, right? but you don't have to worry about that when you are on the Pangkor Island. promoter pulau dah...

Anyhow, the first day is a bit tiring but still fun. Oh, you need to know that i'm dying to go for swimming that evening but all my babes refused it since i'm the one who born as a pieces. haha..please know that a pieces is always attracted to water. huarrghhhhhhhhhhhh...mereka sangat kejam! in the end we were canoeing while waiting for the sunset.

Then, dearest followers, i'm so sorry as i don't really into the blogging mode right now since i've got lots of things to be settle in the first place. so, do please patiently wait for my update yarrr...THANKS A LOT for all the LOVE! ^^

CLICK HERE to view the Pangkor Vacation @ DAY 2!

*** photo is credited to SizzlingSuzai & Wanie-chan of PatPatSikuLipat ***


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  1. Waaaah, bestnyer Pangkor! Dah lama x gi, walaupundekat giler ngn Ipoh ni... Huhu. Nwsy, good luck in ur final sem!! =)

  2. Jealousnya tgk u pg Pangkor..I dh lama xpg Pangkor..:)

  3. wow. best nye dapat p pangkor :D

  4. encik zamri-->hehhehe..mmg sgt dekat da tuh..alahhh pg pulau lein lah..hahhaha air die x crystal clear lah..hhahaha =D

    hehe..ok..tq for d wish.. ^^

  5. nikisa-->hehe...pegi la dekat je ngan sel jgn g skg..air xcantik sgt..haha

  6. fathiyah-->yup it was more more fun bcoz it was w my babes!! =)))

  7. suzai, mmg air dia x clear pun, sbb tu x nak pi. lol! tu maybe sbb port Navy dekat situ, oil spill kapal la selalu...huhu.

  8. encik zamri y sexy HAHAHHA...mmg pon tau jugerr tp dsebabkn monsoon kat perhentian tu n budak2 ni nk gak pg ended up la ke pangkor..hahahha xcrystal clear pon x hapelah..hahhaha..xp klu u nk g pulau jerrr hajak k..hihi =))


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