A-class Dining Place:Grill Asia (dot) com

Name : Grill Asia.com
Location : Sunway Damansara (behind the Sunway Giza of Damansara)
Operation hour : haha...i just know that it will close at 3p.m - 6p.m than it will re-operated back!

Oh, surely you will assume that this dining place is a luxurious one but let me correct it by saying that this is a FOOD COURT located in Sunway Damansara. yup, it is just a food court where you can find various dishes such as western, chinese and malay type of servings.

first of all, lets us talk about the definitely a cozy ambiance as clearly shown in the pics. seriously, i was stunned by the amazing decor and furnishings used in there. i personally adore the fake big trees that were garnished with a lamp inside the bubu ikan...haha don't know what it is in english lor~ besides that, i'm totally in love with the seating style corner where the cushion is soooooo damn comfortable and Oppps, it comes with pillows!

OK, i know i should start listing about the menu, taste and the prices! haha..the food that we've ordered here are all western as my own philosophy saying that a great western dish is always comes at a great place! yup, the philosophy is not wrong at all since all the steak are scrumptious enough but i do have a complaint here which the veggies is toooooo oily. i understood that it was being cooked with a butter but it was a bit much lor....heemmmmmmmmmmmm.....sangat berlemak-lemak~ ("~.~)

however, you will not mind all of it as the prices are affordable. NO,the pricing is not as standard as in the Chili's or even the Kenny Rodgers, it just a normal prices for an eating place located in Damansara or any K.L area.

Mini Rump Steak - Rm16.90 (sorry...i'm not sure)
Grill Asia Chicken Chop - Rm 12.90
Grill Asia Beef Steak - RM 14.90

look, i've told you the price range is normal, right? plus you can lazily enjoying the great atmosphere there. needs some proof? haha...lets envy the pics that i've captured below. 

Oh...by the way, i was taken there by my lovely sister together with her office-mates who are actually promoting this dining place to me. THANKS a lot guys since i'm totally in love with it and for sure will bring my babes lepaking in there at night coz i'm so sure that its gonna be more more spectacular than during a day!

lastly, should i rank this restaurant? hemmm...let me give 4 out 5 for the food and prices and 4.8 out of 5.0 for the delicate embellishment! now, should i say i recommended you guys to visit this place? haha..i don't think so since i know that you were probably already google maps the location! =))

Thanks for reading yarr...and do please patiently wait for my vacation post as the 1000+ photo are still unedited plus i've got so much works to be settle in the first place. so, gimme some time and i'm sure you will stun you by it. hehe..

*** the images are credited to SizzlingSuzai ***


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  1. wow...interesting place...

    tq coz sharing....

  2. noremy-->ur most welcome dear...heheh no prob of sharing dear as this is my other interest besides the fashion! ^^

  3. wow !

    nampak best, nak try la nanti :)


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