[What's up Msia]Big Bad Wolf Books 2011

what? --> A Warehouse Book Sale!

when? --> 15th and 16th October 2011
           --> 9 a.m to 10 p.m

where?--> MAEPS Serdang, Hall A.

info?  --> 1.5 million books
          --> 75% - 95% discount on all books!
          --> no drinks are allowed

tomorrow?? yup, see you there.... ^^

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  1. I am at the Big Bad Wolf sale while I was typing this. So cool... :)

  2. haiyoooooooooooooooooo....encik y dun u say that u r goin there...klu tau ble i g rini juge STALK u!!! hahahhaha...xde jodoh la kt...sy mau pegi esok pagi2..excited =))

  3. Pegi3x. Mmg gilaaaa.... banyak sgt discounted books!

  4. hehehhee..yup confirm sgt pegi sok!! siap excited nk gerak awl lg coz actually my sister was there at 9a.m n she said..org da batur pjg dah..haiyoooooooo sgt gempak! =)) ni mesti byk borong fashion book nih..haiyoooo...encik~ haha

  5. salam..

    entri yang menarik buat saya..:)

  6. wsalam...tq for being here...haiyoo which one r coz i think uve been leaving d comment on the wrong part here..hahahhaha =)) neway tq for likint it!!


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