LOOK #35 - Swing Me Swiftly!

pahsmina from Jalan T.A.R, K.L
top from Uptown Damansara
printed maxi skirt successfully stole from my mom's old wardrobe
tote from SEED
white sandal from nichii

prominently, you have seen this maxi skirt in the previous-previous post. to be honest, this is the only maxi skirt that had successfully stole my heart since the time i decided to wear a S.K.I.R.T. i keep on looking for a new one which having a nice printing on it just like this one, comfy material and most important thing affordable pricing but i just COULDN'T FIND any of it~

hahaha..the truth is long time ago, when i was in the high school, i tend to have a tomboyish image whereas i really hate skirts and any feminine garments besides the baju kurung. hahahaha...funny huh! then, as time goes by, i started to grow maturely and femininely. Oh, Thanks God i had changed. otherwise you will probably seeing me in the Hip Hop sweater and a baggy jeans for my fashion post here. hahaha...nonsense!

thus, what i can say about the whole outfit here is it giving me a carefree day. yup, it makes me felt comfy enough to walk under the hot weather and in a crowded crowd at the Big Bad Wolf Carnival. personally speaking, i love the simple-white-plain top here because i can purposely pairing it with any bold printing garments as it will naturalize it naturally. hehe..

now, wanna know more about the carnival that i'm talking about? wait for my next post as i'm gonna give you the clear view of it. then, thanks for reading and see ya... ^^


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  1. ohkey...ni yang buat x sabar nak pakai skirt gak pas bersalin ni..huhu

  2. thanks you for ur nice compliment dear..sue ^^

  3. kak ogosh syg..hahaha alahh time pregnant pon ble pkai skirt ape..dress lg comel klu pregnant pkai ape?! hehe..dah bp bulan dah ni??

  4. the pashmina + pritned skirt = lovely combination! hyped! teehee..

    catching up your blog, been a while, yeah Suzai.. hello again, then.. :)



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