Is it SINFUL being a fashionable girl?!

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Straight to the point, i'm talking about me! Ok, i admit that i'm NOT A SO-CALLED FASHIONISTA but i'm abruptly sure that i'm almost 60% to join myself in that category. let me define the statement of the FASHIONABLE girl here before i'm emotionally bubbling about the question above.

FASHIONABLE girl here does not just give the meaning of she is obsessing over the F.A.S.H.I.O.N part but she is also proudly styling the latest trends, participating at some of the fashion events and plus she is willing to spend her money on it! and i want to clearly state that i'm FOCUSING on the hijabi fashionista like who i am~

Now, the question is...IS IT SO-WRONG TO BE FASHIONABLE?! since some of the people out there  (which is REALLY SOME~) looking at us like we have did some BAD DEEDS LOL~ ok ok, again i recognize lots of people kind of like it actually when nowaday, a hijabi girl knows how to beautify herself from head to toe and WITHOUT GOING OVER THE LIMIT! yup, this gist is extremely crucial as i'm objecting the hijab pairing with leggings, peek-a-boo materials and so on and so forth. i'm naturally talking about the nice colourful hijab matching the attire, those with the maxi skirts and moderate clothing but really stylish.

HAHA..why did i came up with this matter all of sudden?! well, honestly i was always had my own thought whenever this kind of fact being discussed among the bloggers but i just keep it as i know there are more advantageous rather than disadvantageous! the point is know yourself very well, CONFIDENT, don't go over the limit and stay as moderate as you can. HAHAHAHA...coz i know that sometimes, i'm myself is going beyond it~

CAUTION: this statement is personally created by me based on the human nature feeling..haha. And actually, this whole things started crawling in my mind after i found out that lots of the male students in my campus ESPECIALLY in my department are classifying us as the one that you shouldn't be close with, kind of WEIRD and in the other word, there are:

1. Demanding! huhu..obviously for the clothing, accessories, make-up and etc.
2. Toooo detailed on everything since it looks like from head to toe needs to be beautifully done.
3. Toooo attracting~ wth?!

HAHA..i don't know where did i got this whole negative points but it looks like they are written on their forehead, sight and body language. HAHAHA...i'm over-reacted here~

OK, wait! this is just my assumption and i'm actually soooo seriously CURIOUS on is it really their perceptions about us?! if there is someone who can POSITIVELY CLEAN OUT my negative thinking here, SO PLEASE ANSWER the question! i know some of them are reading my blog here, aduihhyaiiiiiiii...kantoi but yup, please i need the answer... ("~,~)

because honestly, we are:

1. Loving all the beautiful things, so we are kind of expressing it! haha
2. It is the fact that women and F.A.S.H.I.O.N cannot be separated
3. Proving that all women can be beautiful no matter what...what?! haha..i don't know =D

lastly, THANKS FOR READING on my curiosity and unsatisfying feeling in here. PEACE NO WAR!


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  1. Jadi fabulous tak salah!

    Jangan takut untuk berfesyen Suzai hehehe ;)

  2. setakat ni xpnh dgr "abg" ckp mende negatif yg k0 nmpk jai.. but the 1 that mostly die ckp is, jai berani dgn diri sendiri, berani nk cantikkan diri was juz like motiveting me utk berani lor.. but then, mcm ko ckp as l0ng x over limit, xpe..stylish and menutup nmpk sweet kowt....different people, different opinion..4 me, as long u r n0t bey0nd the limit, ok je... maintain cute keyh... p/s abg p0n bace blog kaw...hehe

  3. memang sinful pun sebenarnya...tapi terpulang masing2 la kan...

  4. yg saya tahu laki mmg ske prmpuan pkai simple.tak tahulah definisi simple diorg tu cmne.yeah.i'm also confious psl fashion2 utk hijabi ni.papepun,moderate la tkut moderate saya tu terover.muahaha!!

  5. azham-->hahaha..i know u r one of d guy dat LOVE a hijabi fashionista!!hahah..tq dearest for ur forever support ^^

  6. yana bucuk-->hhahahhaahha..see i know bsides abg syg ko tu..there r more my male classmates who secretly reading in here...hahahha SAYANG SGT KAT DORG larr!hahaha yana ckp ngan abg,SUZAI kate kamsahamnida! =D

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. k.ogosh-->HAHAH..yup actually it is a FACT that FASHION is SINFUl!! am i a sinful person?! LOL~

  9. ifa cyg-->yup ive heard it too mny time..but nk wat camne when my simplicity is not dat simple kn..haha i think conclusion nyer is we will meet d guy dat is d same taste like us la kn..bru kena! hehe =))

  10. ifa cyg-->yup ive heard it too mny time..but nk wat camne when my simplicity is not dat simple kn..haha i think conclusion nyer is we will meet d guy dat is d same taste like us la kn..bru kena! hehe =))

  11. huhu.agk sedih la gak kalo mngkin kytaannya hijabi x ptut brfashion :( but,i loooove fashion.yup!btul tu!as long kena dgn guy yg betul,alrite gak!hoho

  12. ifa-->hem hem..rsnyer kyataan itu mmg betol kot..hahhaha tp tetap xnk ikutkn..xbeik betol kt ni =(


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