Heppy Bday Baby a.k.a BRUNO MARS!

Dearest baby,

HAPPY BORN DAY and i wish that you have a blessing year and hopefully, everything that you've planned for the future especially for your career gonna be BOK! do please know that i'm forever registered as your hooligans...

Your only LOVE who is willing to catch a grenade for ya,


huhuhuuuu...i'm soooooooooooooooo late here! for sure, i do remember the desired date of 8th October 2011 but due to the NO CONNECTION at my home, i just can't access to this blogger dashboard and make a SPECIAL BIRTHDAY WISH post to my only love, Peter Gene Hernandez!!

btw, a few months ago i've read that this is a mission of the Hoolians for our cutie guy birthday present which is increasing the view and the LIKE number of this official The Lazy Song! so,  do please support us coz it means you are supporting this soooooooooooooooo talented man as well. hehe..

PLEASE VIEW THIS IN THE YOUTUBE. so, your viewing will be counted! hehe..

lastly, please know that i'm always crazeeyy over his powerful husky voice, his cutie dimples, his adorable smile and his whole sexinesss! Auuwwww.... ("^,^)

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