Friday:All the way to Shah Alam!

hahaha...sorry for this~ =P
when the wheel is on the lady's hand ==> s.a.f.e.r ! haha 
the bright clear sky is magnificent! 
not the car but the sign!  =P

Images are credited to my naive Xperia X10 and with the help of 8Mg Pixel camera! ^^

Happy weekend people...wish you guys had a great plan for tonight, the SATURDAY night ya all! haha...why did it sounds so-clubbing-thing but it is obviously not what i meant coz the drink will be only FREE on Wednesday, right? so, not tonight! =P

hahaa...and tomorrow is the sunny Sunday, a wedding 'kenduri' perhaps?! whatever it is but here is my day on yesterday, the T.G.I Friday which i think i don't have to say T.G.I.F as it is dull and full by the hard working etiquette.

It was a long ride to the Setia Alam with my F.Y.P partner, Miss Syafiqah. actually, we went there to buy an instrument for our project. Arghhh..i'm not in the mood to talk about the project, the function of the instrument and etc. it just that we have spend 5 hours in the car and its tiring.

lastly, we had our lunch at the famous NZ Curry House, Wangsa Maju. haha...why mapley-ing on the afternoon? don't underestimate, people. mapley is the best place to get the nasi briyani and the crispy ayam goreng. Oh, OK saya sudah lapar!

btw, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr.Zamri from the Zamri's Big Fat Blog. (nak jugerrrr~ ^^ guys, you are kindly recommended to go and check out his fashion-especially-for-men awesome blog! ) then, good night and sleep tight....


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  1. OMG! Baru baca entry ni. TQ Suzai for the wish!! (siap bleh promo blog la tuu.. huhu). Next year insyaAllah bleh ajak pi mkn2 celebrate my birthday plak. ^____^
    TQ again!

  2. mapley is also the best in serving. i mean, the fastest!

  3. encik zamri-->NO HAL LAH! oh ok..ya ya next year i tuntut ur celebration invitation ok! haha again..wish u had a blessing year ^^

  4. farihah-->HAHA..betol2..klu mnta roti kosong lg pantas je die smpai kn..hahhaah

  5. OHH selena gomez is too cute.. she n justin Pon sgt2 la ComeL!!

    Going to shah Alam!! i Love love love that place.. miss it!!

  6. hahaa...yup both r cute but IM NOT THE FAN LOL~ hahaha.. =D


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