[whats up K.L]The 10th Chic Pop StreetMarket

By Tuesday, October 25, 2011

again and again and again, here come the next Chic POP Streetmarket that once had successfully put me in despair when i missed the event. it was long time back then, when i didn't have the idea that it gonna be re-organised again and again and again! the moral of the story, guys NEVER EVER makes your life miserable just because of the S.A.L.E! hahaha..

so, after i went to the 6th Chic POP market event VIEW IT HERE i just don't feel like wanna go there again ATLEAST i am able to bring the cash approximately RM500 with me! hahahha...because the real reason of it is i was extremely drooling over the cheap items sold in there. seriously, the event was super nice and you will feel like you wanna buy all of it~ over-reacted~

okeyh, now why is it now? huhu..this is what attracted me the most, the SWAP PARTY! haiyooooo....f.y.i i have a pair of NOSE shoes that i bought 1 year ago and i HAVEN'T wear it yet as it is not exactly my size and it is uncomfortable for me. i really needs a new owner or atleast something that can be trade with it...

for more info about the event CLICK HERE

now, you would ask why don't i sell it in here?! haiyooooo...i wonder if anybody wanna buy it. malu lah~ (~>.<) if there is any buyer who interested, let me know it, so that i can post the pix and the affordable lowest price in here..hehehhe

ok, then..i'm not sure i'll go there or not but i just wanna share the GREAT NEWS for you, dearest ^^


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  1. Shopping event on my birthday!! So awesome!! :D

  2. Woww!! sgt best!!

    malangnya saya di peneng..

  3. encik ZAMRI-->huhu..ive read that ur bday will b in this it is 28!HAPPY BDAY in advance lar~ hehhee..if u want a prize from me, u hv to trun k.L then i bring u 2 d nice restaurant here...haha n then pay by urself LOL! hahahhahahha

  4. liza-->dear im not sure i'll go n d possibility is VERY LOW! huhu..

  5. zulaiha-->haiyooo...xpe la dear as ive mentioned it is reorganize again n again n again..hahha SO U DONT HV TO sure it gonna b more in future =))

  6. im coming! hehe. dtg la, bila lg nak jmpa u ni kan :D

  7. alahhhhhh syg, i kompem X PEGI!!!! i de exam on need studies!! huahuahuahua =((


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