[whats up K.L]The 10th Chic Pop StreetMarket

again and again and again, here come the next Chic POP Streetmarket that once had successfully put me in despair when i missed the event. it was long time back then, when i didn't have the idea that it gonna be re-organised again and again and again! haha..so the moral of the story, guys NEVER EVER makes your life miserable just because of the S.A.L.E! hahaha..

so, after i went to the 6th Chic POP market event VIEW IT HERE i just don't feel like wanna go there again ATLEAST i am able to bring the cash approximately RM500 with me! hahahha...because the real reason of it is i was extremely drooling over the cheap items sold in there. seriously, the event was super nice and you will feel like you wanna buy all of it~ over-reacted~

okeyh, now why is it now? huhu..this is what attracted me the most, the SWAP PARTY! haiyooooo....f.y.i i have a pair of NOSE shoes that i bought 1 year ago and i HAVEN'T wear it yet as it is not exactly my size and it is uncomfortable for me. huuuuuuuuuuuuuu...so i really needs a new owner or atleast something that can be trade with it...

for more info about the event CLICK HERE

now, you would ask why don't i sell it in here?! haiyooooo...i wonder if anybody wanna buy it. malu lah~ (~>.<) haha..so if there is any buyer who interested, let me know it, so that i can post the pix and the affordable lowest price in here..hehehhe

ok, then..i'm not sure i'll go there or not but i just wanna share the GREAT NEWS for you, dearest ^^


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  1. Shopping event on my birthday!! So awesome!! :D

  2. Woww!! sgt best!!

    malangnya saya di peneng..

  3. encik ZAMRI-->huhu..ive read that ur bday will b in this mont..so it is 28!HAPPY BDAY in advance lar~ hehhee..if u want a prize from me, u hv to trun k.L then i bring u 2 d nice restaurant here...haha n then pay by urself LOL! hahahhahahha

  4. liza-->dear im not sure i'll go n d possibility is VERY LOW! huhu..

  5. zulaiha-->haiyooo...xpe la dear as ive mentioned it is reorganize again n again n again..hahha SO U DONT HV TO WORRY..im sure it gonna b more in future =))

  6. im coming! hehe. dtg la, bila lg nak jmpa u ni kan :D

  7. alahhhhhh syg, i kompem X PEGI!!!! i de exam on monday..so.....i need studies!! huahuahuahua =((


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