[Photo] The Scenes

Camera : NIKON something-something (hehe..couldn't remember the model as its my babe's lor~)
Location :  Pangkor Island, Malaysia
Photographer : SizzlingSuzai

this incredible scenery was taken during my vacation to the Pangkor Island on the last year. all the photos was going trough minor editing on the brightness as i'm still the beginner with the dslr camera.

personally, i love to take photo of a human being compare to a static thing without the soul inside it. haha...eventhough i'm not good in capturing any motioned subject but still i find it is more interesting to capture the emotion that will be project by the human themselves. nevertheless, that is why people quoted "practice makes perfect!"

anyhow, looking back at these photos have successfully make me reminiscing the great memories of my vacation with my babes here. haha..especially the snorkeling part and the awesome kerang bakar! girls, do not forget to save the money for our next vacay to the USS yarrr... =))


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