Love You Like A Love Song by Selena Gomez ft The Scene

LOVE this song like i LOVE YOU LIKE A LOVE SONG! its simple, catchy and fun. first time i heard it, i was in love with it but soon after i knew that it is sing by Miss Gomez, i was confused! hahaha...coz you should know that i always admit that she is damn gorgeous, cute, voluptuous and so on but i just can't change the fact that i don't like her~ huhu..sorry...

but seriously, i can't ignore this song as i did with the 'who says' haha..because it is obviously a great song as it is the 1st rank in the chart! nah, just enjoy the LIVE performance down here since the Official MV is ugly and i don't wanna bother your sight with it. hahaha..

well, she got a good voice. hehe..btw, love the song soooo much and it is never get boring to repeat it over and over again. sorry Piqah as i know you are already tired listening to my singing~ =P


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