'Itadakimasu' at the TEPPANYAKI

こんにちは。konnichiwa  ^^

ok, i bet everybody had already familiar with this Japanese-hawker-style restaurant referred as Teppanyaki. yup, it has several franchises here in Malaysia and this one was in One Utama and honestly, this was my very first time dining in the red and white food shop!

as usual, it was promoted by my sister and it was also successfully paid by her! HAHA...she desperately needs to pay for me because she is the one who insisted me to try on the 'meat rice' and the 'iced coffee' in there. so, thats the main reason of why we had our dinner at the Teppanyaki Restaurant on the last-last weekend!

huhu...to be truth, i've known this restaurant quite long time ago but i've not try it yet since i thought that the menu is all about fish, so i always ended up looking for another dining places. HAHA...i don't know why did i think that way! =D

thus, after trying on the recommended 'meat rice' and the delicious 'iced coffee', i should say that i'm kind of LOVING this restaurant and surely will visit it back in the future. the food is GOOD, the pricing is really affordable, the presentation is really nice where you can clearly watch the cook cooking your dishes but reminder, this restaurant is seriously styling a hawker style. so, DON'T EXPECT a cozy ambiance while you  are having dinner/lunch in there LOR~

the second pix is showing the 'meat rice' that i've been rambling in above. haha..sorry i don't remember the fully real name of it but seriously, the meat is as much as the veggies. it is really satisfying to pay RM13 for a healthy dish like that. hehe..it simple but yup, it tasted nice!

however, people i don't recommend you to try it at the One Utama shopping mall because personally, i felt that the cleanliness is bad and the condition is quite uncomfortable. huhu...don't worry, they had a better one which is looking nicer than this one which is in the Mid Valley (on the way to the Gardens) , KLCC (food court) and many many more.. =)) google it by yourself LOR~

OK then, i had another dining place which is WAY WAY BETTER than this plus i've just got back from a veeeerrryyyyyyyyyyyyy nice VACATION! hehe...wait for them yarrr...

THANKS a lot for all the following and the LOVE... ("^^)


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  1. sedapnya....sedapnya...sedapnya....

  2. hiyaaa been a while since the last time i had teppanyaki !your pics make me crave for it !

    nice pics dear ;)

    The Endless Wishlist

  3. azham-->haiyoo ble mau gather ni?? hahha ble la kt arrange kat teppanyaki..haha

  4. nixie-->haha..then go to d nearest one lor..hahhaha tq soo much darling ^^


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