not just the world is spinning LOL~

By Monday, October 24, 2011

just change the guy's face with mine! oh, ok I DON'T SMOKE! =P

yeahhhh...the world is spinning together-gether with my head~ haiyooo....i got this headache since last Friday and now you would probably can guess the reason of the short hiatus for this whole weekend. sadly, the connection was damn EXCELLENT and sadly, i was also soooooooooooooooooo desperate wanna update my beloved blog but everything was failed when your human nature condition didn't allowed you to do so!

actually, i've planned to go home on the last weekend but it became worst on Saturday and still haven't gone yet, till now. hahaha..but i just can't control my blogging passion from reaching out the lappy and updating in here. huhu...bad behavior~

so, this is just the latest uninteresting story bout me who is always eager wanna post lots of lots of entries but due to the lots of lots of obstacles, she desperately need to cancel it!

hahaha..let me list out the ninety-nine percent probability that contribute to my spinning head here :

3. my sister's wedding is coming closerrrr..teng treteng tenteng...but why did i got the headache??! haha

2. my final year project is messing up my life every seconds and every minutes!

1. my dieting program before the weds is not showing a good result, equivalent to fail. DAMMIT!

lastly, as today is miserable as always, i know i should do something that bring advantageous to myself. so, good nite peeps....ZZzzzzzzZzz


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  1. aha...blum sendiri punya wedding ngan dieting tu..anyway, nanti ok la tu...jgn stress2 sangat k...muahs

  2. hahahha..tol tu kak..klu sy y kawen bru la jdi diet tu kot..coz lg stressss!haha..tq 4 caring~

  3. nice :D wish you a wonderful week :D


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