COACH X Shea Rasol X Sizzling Suzai

Alhamdulillah, i was luckily to be selected as the winner of COACH X Shea Rasol contest! Yeeeahoooooo it was sure a big surprise for me as joining the simple contest by her loooong time ago was just like truly liking the pic because i do LIKE the pic. haha so, to suddenly get to shop at COACH with Shea is such a blast! really, thanks a lot dear.  =D

So, we were given some sort of voucher worth of RM1,200 (yep, you heard me!) to purchase any of their footwear. Hmmmm..cannot be bag lorh. should be a shoe as they are upgrading their shoes line since everybody just familiar with the bags collection kan....hahaha well, me too! "^^

Errr...will update that LUCKY shoes later as we're fail to get the one that attracted us. hehe yup, not doing any purchasing yet. this post is just my appreciation to the lovely Shea Rasol for announcing this great great news which made my blogging experience more AWESOME!! =D

Till then, will continue later yar...  :)


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  1. Congrates babe, I'm very curious about the shoes now, lol

  2. OMG! congratulations!!! Now you can shop for a new 2014 shoes. bestnya!

  3. okay, sangat jeles
    but CONGRATULATION akak syggg!


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