VIP Party for CATH KIDSTON Opening (1st Store in Malaysia)

Boastfully announce, CATH KIDSTON is finally here in Kuala Lumpur! yup, fly all the way from London, this is the very first store which recently being opened at the Mid Valley Shopping Mall (just in front of Vincci). i'm so much thankful to get the VIP invite for this pre-opening party and witnessing the pretty collections there. thanks Amri and Shea.  :)

OK honestly, i just know the branding (pity on me~!) since i'm not a fan of floral and sweet-sweet prints kan yet that is what i could best describe CATH KIDSTON. but hey, thanks for this review as now i'm just dying to own one!

Basically, the founder Catherine Isabel Audrey Kidston is inspired by her childhood memories where there were flowers, birds, mushrooms, wheel, polka dots and etc etc. so, she started selling the floral-printed fabrics and since it hits the jackpot, she developed it to a wider scope. hmm..rezeki orang kan, rezeki kita tak tau lagi..haha tetibe!  XD

Yup, I'm falling in love with the prints as it is undeniably pretty, very the London!, shhweet and fresh. selling items from bags, wallet, accessories, home & kitchen, kids collection, dresses and many more. sneak peek below are some items that attracted me and random photos during the event. :)

very homey feeling 
something adorable for the kids.
oh, i was actually looking forward to their jumper collection  ;'(
never tired of polka dots..!
with my blogger buddy..Shea Rasol :)
nice huh?! but it is just not my kinda style..huhu
pakcik Hezly is everywhere now..hahaha
my other dongsaeng..Iqmal who is so close now :)
so called fashion blogger Lina, Shea, Hezly, Suzai and Yusfariq.

CUTENESS overloaded right? huhu. now as usual looking at the photos, i am regretful for not getting one of the bag as i just bought the shoes bag which later will share in here. hmmm...always like that lah~ and besides, that polka-dots wallet is also such a cool one but my wallet is still in a good condition..haha. so, later baby later!

Anyhow, should claim that this CATH KIDSTON Malaysia's first store here is focusing more on bags. i guess their hot selling item is bag lorh.  yup, got lot of designs and sizes. not sure can buy online or not. so, feel free to visit CATH KIDSTON now at the Mid Valley Mega Mall, Kuala Lumpur or can also visit the official page CATH KIDSTON.

Disclaimer: Thanks all! ^^


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  1. I like their decor, so sweet and girlish, is my fav style ^^ So nice to have a chance to join the VIP party huh!

  2. Wahhh..bestnyaaa..rugi tak dapat pergi hari tu :(

  3. Wahhh..bestnyaaa..rugi tak dapat pergi hari tu :(

  4. Hey SUZAIIII! :)
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I didn't think too many people visited anymore! I kept up with your blog, even though I don't comment often, and I love to see how it's grown and you blog about so many different things :) it's beautiful! AND omg this store is SO CUTE. We definitely don't have this in the US I don't think! I would totally snag a wallet! I'm glad things are going well with you! <3 Love it!

  5. It's ok, I've never heard of the brand before as well... Wow, it sure looks very cozy & homey in there...

    So girlish also, do they have any guy stuff? ;p

  6. i know this is tooooo late to reply but THANKS ALL for visiting reading n commenting in here :)

    sorry hanih i guess, the main focus is on the GIRLSSSSSS stuff! hahahha


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