ESPRIT Alamanda Opening Party

with my mama syayang! :)

Hey, finally the update on the opening of ESPRIT outlet @Alamanda is here! huhu very sorry for the pending yar. first of all, thanks for the invite as i got this opportunity to closely reviewing the ESPRIT items. honestly, i have never own any yet. :]

so, a simple event is being arranged for all the registered fashionVIPs. the itinerary were runway of their Fall/Winter collection, free membership reg and special deals were being offered only on that day! nah, as usual take a look at the bunch of photos from the event yar  =)

thanks for joining; Kifly and Rina ^^
knitted jumper always caught my attention!
something smart for guys..hmm..
oh my..that grey clutch is only RM80! yup, i'm regret now... "=.= 
drawn so much love over their bags collection
yup, got watch also ma..
oh bag!
OMG!!! *faint*
that cardigan..
stripes is just so timeless.
thanks for the invite dear cousie! hehe white top is my kakak sedara lorh :)

Personally, i love the bag collection more than anything else. then, this F/W line is more on casual wear but can be chic enough if you know how to mix 'n match those pieces. can see some of the runway outfits displayed above which instantly sophisticated when pairing with high-heels and throwing a jacket/cardi on the top. thanks for the tips then.

Anyhow, i was having so much of fun with my beloved mom! hehe that fabulous lady in green belang-belang is non other than Puan Zaitun. yup, she is the one who owned all the stylish items which i've been wearing and sharing in this blog. haha

Last word, ESPRIT is officially at the Alamanda guys, go and visit yar. thanks all! ^^


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  1. Kalau Esprit, beg dan jam tangan memang memikat hati. Hehe. :)

  2. Seronoknyaaaa!
    Sorry tak dapat join akak hari tu..


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