Finding A Love

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hey readers, its been a long time i didn't REALLY BLOG right? sorry for all the events updates as it might be boring you but i will spend sometimes to write and what we call as blogging in the meantime yar. will try my best although the time now is flying extremely fast on my side, couldn't find the free space even for myself to laidback on a weekend but hey, i'm not complaining as i still enjoy it very much. thanks for all the supports and opportunities, may lot of other great things will come in future amin.. :)

So, back to the title. when i write something hearty, something soulful, it becomes a bit weird now and sure there was something drawn me to do so huhu. love don't know how to describe it but finding one is not an easy task. then, don't know why people always advising me to not just waiting, go and do something lah. hmmm...may i know that do something is what?

Undeniably, i'm very conservative one although looks like so urban, so KeyEl and so modern-thinking one but hey, i do always prefer someone who asking a permission from my parents to take me out, i do attracted to whom treating me like a real lady (no harsh words boys, please...~) and blah blah blah.

Don't wanna make a cheap publicity in here but stuff like that lah. hey it happened actually. yup found one who asked my dad to bring me to a dinner!! (huhuhuhuhu....), few who are caring, very decent and acting like a gentleman in treating me blah blah blah BUT the thing is ...... theres nothing serious happen between us .... don't know how to describe hmmmm .....

Well, the point is i took their advice and realizing it but i don't feel happy because it is not my own principle. i don't like it at the first place but still i did. people say, try and error! expected i feel really really stupid and i promise myself for not repeating it. Oh, this is actually not as bad as it sounds but i am myself is very complex! therefore, i do sometimes hating my own self for being too complicated ...

Anyhow, thanks all. i keep on learning everyday as this is not just about love, it is also means friendship in which recently, i learn something valuable. peeps, do not cross the boundary or otherwise thats it! hmmm ... again, the complex me. huh dushh! dushh!

Its sokeyhh, SUZAI Jia You! will keep on smiling and being the happy go lucky me as i do always believe Jodoh dan Maut itu di Tangan Allah..insyAllah. thanks for reading though. Night at 1:43 am.  :)


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