Giveaway Invitation To The Opening of ESPRIT Alamanda (Congratulation WINNERS!!)

Hey Fashionista / Fashion lovers / Fashion Conscious! ^^

I'm giving away 4 PASSES to my lovely followers/readers to be invited to this OPENING of ESPRIT Alamanda Putrajaya on this coming Saturday. The details as followed:

Date : 7.12.13 (Saturday)
Time : 3 p.m to 6 p.m

Now, why on earth that you should anticipated about this event?

- be among the first one to visit the ESPRIT @Alamanda :)
- preview of Fall Winter collection. a fashion show for sho.
- getting SPECIAL DEALS. Oh My Wallet!
- then, haha an awesome Goodies Bag!!

Then, what should you do? 

- left a comment (on this post) by CONVINCING ME on why should I bring you?? easy lorh 
- also name and email yar

** will consider my blog follower OR the FB fanpage member first yar..  :)


4th Dec 2013 (Wednesday) by 5.00 p.m !!! Well, Good Luck and Thank you in advance. :)



TQSM and c ya!! :))


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  1. I would love to join you for the event, but too bad I have work on that day! Good luck to all participants~!!

  2. Woohoot!! You should bring me because I am fashion lover! and most of all I love you..hehehe..
    Convincing enough right!! So, please Bring me yahh ahkak sayanggg ^_^

    Thank You

    and goodluck to all participant!!

  3. Drp excited, tgk location Alamanda terus merudum moodnya. Jauh taktau nak pergi mcm mana. Thanks my dear Sizzling Suzai, tp I suka Esprit!

  4. Omg. Nak pergi sangat! Seriously, but still at Russia by this time. Please make a lot more giveaways in July and August ^_^

    Gudluck all!

  5. You should bring me because i want see u again & i like this brand.. Weeee =D

    Rina Ellisa

  6. You should bring me because I am a fashion lover,

  7. You should bring me because I love esprit from young to now, actually not that old...

  8. too bad i cant coz this week i have weddings to attend. huhu

  9. Ala sayangg.. I wanna join but putrajaya jauh la, malas nak drive.. Hoho kapan nak dating lagi? Hehe

  10. Macam best je, macam syok je, macam jauh je, macam alamak boleh belah badan? Hahaha.

  11. You should bring mek cos mek fun and fashionable ^_^

    Do not know how to be in fashion but mek love to see fashion happening.

    so give mek spirit of esprit style ^_^ xoxo

  12. Yeyyyy!!

    Thanks ...

    Jumpa sabtu ni =D


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