Ringa Linga by Taeyang [Cover by K Tigers The Taekwondo ver]

Happy Weekend.  =)

First of all, WHAT A COOLEST TOP he worn!!! undeniably dramatic, artistic, very rich, weihhh Baroque inspired indeed! and goshhh i just wanna have one. hehe so, for the not a fan of KPOP, he is Taeyang from the korean idol group, Big Bang.  :)

pufffff it was a very long time that i haven't post any KPOP update. yup, still so crazeyyy over it and i do keep update with the latest songs but this one really caught my attention. hehe THANKS Wanie-Chan for showing the cover version as before i was like okeyhhh, this song is good but soon after watching below cover version, i was like OMG this song is great!!! haha

Better shut my mouth and peeps, please play the vid. its sure-fire KILLING!!

Extremely AWESOME right!! still so amaze over each and every seconds of the vid and yup, already downloaded into my phone. so that i can re-play it over and over again at anytime and everywhere. DAEBAK guys!! ^^

Well, I don't know the real reason that makes me drawn so much in love with this version compared with other versions. is it because of those stunts or maybe because i was the former member of Taekwondo? hehe yup, i've been learning this martial art when i was at the primary school and sudden stop during the high school as cannot commit anymore. huh what a waste as i was one-step closer to get the black belt lorh. ;'(

Btw, this is the original version by Taeyang and the crew. should bow over the original idea of the choreography, video shot and the song itself! perhaps, Taeyang's solo act here is better than the previous I Need A Girl (ft Sandara).

THUMBS UP! keep it up Taeyang and the Always Awesome BIG BANG.

VIP is signing out! ^^


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