[Movie Review] Insidious Chapter 2 , The Second Sight , Rigor Mortis

This is seriously a LATE POST in which the Halloween festive was already over on the last month. yup, i was also there for the Nuffnang #GSCHorrorFest. thanks JoonYoo for the invite! so sorry for this delaying as i guess i was just not in the mood of rambling about movies and besides, i missed the awaited INSIDIOUS 2. so, i was disappointed and the mood just gone with the wind....

And now, i'm back because i just watched INSIDIOUS 2 on the last last weeks. haha still a pending one also ma..haha. therefore, just wanna share my thoughts, opinions, views and verdicts of those 3 movies in this one shot!


Initiating with this most anticipated one by James Wan who is very famous with his creepy touch in each of the previous films. oh i fell in love with The Conjuring which has become the main reason of this excitement. indirectly, i already expected the scary level of the scenes.

Unfortunately, The Conjuring is way way better as this storyline is quite heavy and complex for a so-called horror movie. sorry if you don't feel the way i do as the fact that Josh's spirit is trapped at the other world and his body is being taken by the bad spirit is Errrr..unacceptable ridiculous!

Besides, the lady-wearing-white-gown who acting as the main ghost is very funneyyhh. she walk around the house in the middle of the day (OK lah as people always complain why ghost only going out at night kan?? hahaha) and there is one scene when she slaps the wife. haiyooo..ghost can touch human ah? haha so, its not scary anymore.....

Anyhow, still lot of scenes are creepy until it is not overdoing lah. yup, there are also shocking me a lot as James Wan really knows how to play with the right timing and sound effect. Duhhh~

mulut dia besarrr giler..omo!
this is before that ghost slaps the housewife...Hahhaha
this kid play that tin-telepon-tanpa-wayar ape nama bende tuh? die main ckp2 nagn hantu! haha

OK the last pic reminds me the strength of the scripts. theres one scene when that little boy is sleeping, then his granny comes and seats besides him. then, suddenly he mumbles "Nanny, there is somebody behind you..."  ........................... creepy though!!!!

Recommended: if you are the fan of James Wan's products but this is not the best lah for me. rank is 3.9/5.

#2 The Second Sight

Oh you should know that i LOVE Thailand's horror movie so much! always dying to watch everytime there is a new movie in cinema. yup, can check my movie label as quite a number of Thai's scary movies in the list. so, assuredly this one arouse me as well!

Showcasing beautiful actors and actresses is always be their attraction. yup i FELL DEEPLY IN LOVE with the actor named as PONG NAWAT KULRATTANARAK !! OMG he is dem HOT HOT HOT yup can feel the seat is burning and sweating! why so hot leyh~?? >"<

Auchhh...melting! cute nyerrr!!!! *omo*
harrr 2x ahkak bagi nose bleeding....huuu

haha ok ok the story is about a lawyer , Jate who has this supernatural power which allows him to see karma of others. he is handling a case of a suspected girl who found guilty killing several people in an accident. she is being haunted by the victims and Jate take a full care of her. later that girl got a big crush on him (KALAU AKUHHH PON SAMA HOT SGT kot!! *tetibe*) which makes his girlfriend forces him to step away from this case and instead she is also being haunted at the same time but he refuses to believe.

yup and that makes everything worst..so, haunting haunting haunting till finally they know the reason why the ghost haunting the girl and blah blah the rest is 10 years back ago..lalala arghh too lazy to define in details..

Hence, for me the plot is simple but not really cliche but close to cliche, i meant the story behind the haunting..haha. the relationship between Jate, his gf and that girl is the main focus. well, its all about revenge lorh.

Talking about the scary part, i love the hospital scene the most where the girl is being forced to be thrown away from the approx. 10th floor balcony. hmmmm...Grrr whilst the most of it is I WAS TOTALLY DRAWN BY THE Pong Nawat's HOTNESS!!!! omg can't take away my eyes from him...seriously! and i'm sure JoonYoo was undeniably annoyed by my mumbles..arghhh, he is HOt! arghhhh cute nyerr! Arghhhh kenapa die senyum macam tuh.. and etc etc  ("=.=)

Recommended: if you are the fan of Thai horror movie but this is not the best lah for me. Oh and if you are the fan of this HOT hunk Pong Nawat and the GODDESS Yaya Ying! rank is 3/5.

#3 Rigor Mortis

I have no idea when the movie is starting. then, i know its a Chinese movie in which i do favour it after the Thai's one. so, i was quite happy over it especially when the movie begin with the terrifying fighting scene between the twin ghost and an actor who wanted to suicide himself hanging in that haunted unit, 2442.
So, the story goes very well with the creepy look of the old flat, very mysterious one, gloomy and the residences are like hiding their own secrets. so, the story revolves around that failed-to-hang-himself-actor, a vampire hunter who interrupted the suicide, a Taoist master-exorcist who don't go well with that vampire hunter and a housewife who conspicuously keeping a coffin in the middle of her apartment.

then, why the 2442 is the most haunted one and how they fight with a vampire who rises from dead..errr the creepiest one is when that housewife left a young boy in her bathroom to feed the vampire in order for 'him' to arise..ta-da..

yup, can smells the ridiculousness already? starting from that vampire awaken til the end of the story, i was like "what the...?" it becomes foolish and not enjoyable to watch. they all keep on fighting with that vampire till all are died. lorh~

Nevertheless, the cgi effect of those ghost and vampire are awesome. yup scary but not enough to make a goosebumps on my tengkok. haha simple because i know its not logic, so its not scare anymore.

Recommended: if you are the fan of Chinese horror movie and love watching GHOST FIGHTING with human, here is totally for you. huhu rank is 2.8/5.

Footnote: yup 3 horror movies in a raw! we were already heartless afterwards..haha oh i do always choose to watch horror compare to action and fiction film. so, thanks a lot GSC and Nuffnang and also JoonYoo and and you readers!!  :)


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  1. I love horror movie!...didn't watch rigor mortis though but i did watch the second sight and insidious 2. second sight was a bit blergh ..but i love insidious...soo proud that it was directed by malaysian fella...but sooo sad that it is his last horror movie though... :)


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