[Review] The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in IMAX 3D


Thanks a lot dear Nuffnang for the premiere screening of this The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in IMAX 3D dated on 10th Dec 2013...Wallaahhh!! i was actually aiming to win the tix for my dear hostelmate+travel+coffee addict buddy here, Miss Tia since she is a big fan of this epic fantasy one. Alhamdulillah for the rizk.

OK since i'm not the fan and honestly i am not yet watching The Hobbit 1, please proceed to this wiki link for the detailed synopsis yar. anyhow, in summary this sequence is focusing on the adventurous journey of Bilbo, The Hobbit and The Dwarves to save their land and errr..killing the smaug? hehe  "^^


The story started with the Orc hunting for the dwarves. then, the dwarves, Bilbo and the hobbit initiated their journey in a forest which then EXTREMELY HANDSOME LEGOLAS and his kind started to appear. later, the human / man named Bard appeared which finaly, the smaug has been awaken before the story purposely hanging without an end! "=.= must be save for the chp 3 lorh~

As mentioned i didn't know any character (thanks google and wiki!) and their specialty of each as well as the history before on what happening on the previous chapter. but hey, it didn't effect my mood at all since you can just follow the track. just keep on enjoying their struggling journey in 3 dimensional effect! haha seriously amazing! 

Yup, there are light comedy in which will excite you from time to time. then, the CHARISMATIC AND CHARMING LEGOLAS will melt your heart perfectly. Oh gosh, love looking at his passionate expression when fighting and striking the bow. hmmmm...fallen in love at the first sight...Legoooooolanndddd...Erk~

To be fair, the one and only thing that i dislike about this movie is Huuarghhh its 161 minutes duration is tiring me! about to close to the boring phase but not yet! but yup, i did checking my watch for few times. lorh, we watched the night show at 9 p.m and ended approx. 11.45 p.m. it was after working hr where the body is quite drained and then with all the thrilling scenes, it made me more more exhausted. haha..so, please find the right time which is on any wondrous weekend yar. >.<

Awesome 3D EFFECT

As usual, 3D will not gonna failed you in which it is constantly exciting, extremely REAL, beyond imaginative and mind blowing experience! personally, i do always believe that when you craving for some 3D movie, please choose the fiction / fantasy one as sure-fire will worth the money.

I guess, this movie has grown its own followers in which i do not need to convince hardly. haha...everybody knows Peter Jackson's product and i don't know i just wanna keep on recommending you guys to WATCH THIS IN 3D!

This film is perfectly made for 3D view. very detailed, the rain drops, the sudden appear character in front of the screen which will surprise you (haha as it looks dem real lorh!) , angle taken and many many aspect which dunno how to describe it. huh

Hey, meet my #bloggerbuddy, the famous Mahadir who just came out on the Utusan Melayu hehe from MahaMahu. yup, we've done, how about you? lorh bunyi cam iklan berbayar tak?  =P so, i'd likely wanna rank this movie based on my little interest on the epic fantasy kinda movie is 4/5!

Disclaimer: Thanks GSC and Nuffnang MY  :)


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  1. Nice! Teringin nak tengok..... But here, they speaks Russian. Haiyaa~


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