#WonderFood at 1Utama Food Street (Review of 15 outlets!)

Caution: this gonna be a long one but i'm trying my best to limit my rambling. hehe

Hey, i just knew that 1 Utama is the 4th largest mall in the world?! no wonder i do always pondering on where should i dine in as with that massive size, it was always confusing! haha so, it was such a blast to get this opportunity on trying and reviewing those 15 participated outlets for FREE!

yup i left my wallet at home and only bringing around the PASSPORT (as above) to be eligible getting the FREE foods and also those stamping as a proof! yup thanks a lot 1Utama itself in collaborating with the Butterfly Project Malaysia for organizing this wonderful #WonderFood

well, basically the idea is introducing the variety eateries located along the Food Street area. so, we're given like 6 outlets to be completed in 5 hours. ta-da me and the groupies were successfully completed all the 15 shops as we are fully prepared with empty stomach and spiritually motivated!

VIVO American Pizza and Panini (LG Highstreet)
First restaurant that we pick which the owner has given a great hospitality and services. thumbs up! obviously, they serve western food but not really focusing on PIZZA as they got panini (like kebab), steaks, main course, soup & salads and also desserts! 

Pricing is valuable as i'm sure the taste will never failed you. example that 6 pcs thick crust Smoked Chicken BBQ pizza above is RM22.90, the main course of chicken with rice is RM16.90 and salads and soup is RM 9.90.

Recommendation: this dessert is selling very fast as claimed by the owner, Volcanic Chocolate with Ice Cream is RM15.90. seriously will melt your heart as how that hot choc melting in between that cold ice cream. perrghhhhhh, i'm sure will come again for this and also trying the other dishes!

BBQ Chicken (LG Highstreet)
Well, i believe lot of you already tried this restaurant but honestly, this is my first! they served us the FAMILY SETS which inclusive 4-8 pieces of chicken + fries + coleslow + 4 carbonated drinks. Pricing is RM59.90/set.

Got variety of cooking styles; Olive Luxury Chicken / Jerk BBQ (my fav!!) / Korean Charbroiled / Hot Hot drums (yup a very hot one, no joking!) and Combo Jumbo.

Recommendation: Jerk BBQ! chicken legs cooked over charcoal fire with authentic korean BBQ sauce made of 20 seasonings and a bit red pepper grain. Pergggghhhh~!

Lava (LG Highstreet)
A simple shop selling fried snacks, swiss roll, cupcakes and macaroon. the signature item is CHURROS, a fried stick. if i'm not mistaken, mine there is a CHURROS ICING SUGAR which priced is RM4.80 for 4 sticks. taste like a sweet bread (but not overdoing) with fine sugar. just nice!

Bisou (LG Prominade)
This one is quite famous too. a bakery shop selling cakes and variety of adorable cupcakes. they also taking a special order for wedding and etc. as for us, we're given a Cupcake Of The Month, the Dark Secret with choc frosting. honestly, i'm not a fan of choc cake or anything to do with chocolate but this one is just nice although the frosting is quite sweet to my tastebuds lah. RM 6 per cupcake.

Recommendation: definitely a right place for a sleek hi-tea time or a place to gossiping with your gf while having those pretty cupcakes, fabulous kauww! hehe

Seaweed Club (LG Prominade)
This is a new one for me. at first i thought it is a sushi! lorh it is actually a SEAWEED SALAD POPIAH. yup a popiah wrapped by a seaweed which those japanease used to wrap their sushi. brilliant kan?! 

Got plenty of choices; Original / Spicy / Tuna / Wasabi. seriously a nice one, crunchy inside, fresh veggies and yup, taste a bit like the 'popiah basah'. pricing for 1 seaweed salad roll is RM 6, a one pack as in the pic.

Recommendation: HIGHLY RECOMENDED to give this a try!

Mr Cendol (LG Prominade)
Who says that you can only get a cendol at a street stall? now cendol is not only a Malaysian street food as it is already being upgraded as you can find it in 1Utama Mall. impressive! haha yup i was never realize that there is cendol selling in OU lorh? :)

Aigoo, during this dining we're already full and i was not really looking at the menu. such a waste as i should order my fav Cendol Pulut which cost of RM5.50. That one in the pic is Cendol Mangkuk RM4.40. actually the choices is variety as you just need to visit them and ready to be stun by the menu yar.

Recommendation: another great port to lepaking with your buddies!

Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo (LG Prominade)
As the name stated, it sells YONG TAU FOO. a local Chinese dishes which all races enjoy it. the items are as basic as what you can find at those pasar malam. dunno how to describe it haha but again, i was super impress that we can also eat a YONG TAU FOO in the 1Utama mall! what a life! hehe

I Love Yoo! (LG Prominade)
This I LOVE YOOOOO (my readers~!) is actually selling fried bun, sweet potato, etc etc and my fav YOU TIOU or i called it CAKOI which cost of RM1.50/piece. lorh don't also have the idea that i can easily get a cakoi in 1Utama mall...huhu such a great opportunity though.

Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights (LG Prominade)
Oh Oh KOREAN dishes! i was super excited over this one as a BIG FAN of KPOP, again trying their foods will surely a great thing to me. so, assuredly need to order the most famous one Bi Bim Bap RM16.90, Pa Jeon (the pancake) RM11.50 and hehe will reveal more on my next special post for this shop. :)

Recommendation: To all the Korean food lovers especially the KPOP fans! haha but for the foodies, i'm highly suggested you to try the Goon Man Du (6 pcs of Chicken Dumpling) RM9.90 as seriously a very nice one!

to be continue... 

Oyster King  (LG Prominade)
making new pretty friend, claudineimelda and choypengism :)

Don't have the idea over this shop but si Tammy (hehe the butterfly project founder) kept on pursuing us to not letting out this outlet. so, as the name stated the food is based on the oyster but in variety of choices. we pick the hot selling dish, the O-CHIEN (Fried Oyster) which cost of RM9.00.

Recommendation: Seriously, a very very very nice one!! mine there is cooked and perfectly fried with kueh teow and the taste is just heaven. yup HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and i'm sure will come back again at anytime! :)

Lameeya / Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh 
Ninja Joe / Food Box (Non-Halal)
courtesy of Ruby.my

Four of the listed outlets are Non-Halal. also, i left the SS2 Goreng Pisang, haiyooo maybe because i'm living in Subang Jaya, so can get the original there lorh~ :)

meeting and knowing Dyat / Hazman / Cik Lily / Me / Kak Niza / Mahadir / Kifly / Nuar (photoG)

Oh, eating for that 5 hours was freaking indulgence but haha yup, still got some space left in my big stomach. so, please invite me for this kinda event more in the future yar Tammy and Kak Ily. yup, even gotta a chance making new blogger buddies who are so friendly and fun! lets meet up again and again yar brothers and sisters. hehehe i'm the youngest one, Seronok Kan?! XD

Fyi, Wonder Reward is a gift to the weekly 50 luckiest ONECARD holder who dine min RM100 will get RM100 shopping voucher! what?! after kenyang dapat shopping plak?! >"<

Last word, go and grab your ONECARD by 1Utama as lot and lot of benefits are offered to the cardholders! Oh, i love the parking apps soo much as i just can 'touch and go' without need to worry about the tix and 'pay before you left'! haha

Disclaimer: thanks all!



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  1. Fuyooooo!!!! I love how you edited you pictures babe! Shall we do a another round of food hunt?! LOL

  2. Fuyoooo!!! I love ho wyou edited your pictures babe! Shall we do another round of food hunting?!

  3. yummy...adik..mcm mana edit pics macam tu..cantik sangat...care to do tutorial for me pleaseee...

  4. It's fun and happy to have all good food around you ^^

  5. love ur picture collage..can u share with me what software you use??anyway i am first time visitor..nice meeting u!

  6. wow seems like you had such a fun time at #wonderfood event! I wish i could join too but too bad it clashed with my exam.

    Enjoyed reading it and followed your blog :)


  7. Memang best kan makan kat sana rasa mcm nak pergi lagi makan kat 1Utama tu terbaik lah.... nanti Sizzling Suzai belanja ye hehehehehe

  8. CANTIKNYA GAMBAR SEMUA....Till we meet again....beb


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