[Review] Andy Lau FIRESTORM 2013 (風暴)


Again, dear NUFFNANG MY, xie xie ni for this Premier Screening on the last 11th Dec 2013. please know that i do love watching Chinese movie especially the horror one.!haha as expected lorh. somehow, the casting also effected my interest. hey, who doesn't know Andy Lau?? i've been watching and fanning him since i was in primary school.

Undeniably, Andy Lau is one of the biggest name in HK film industry (besides Stephen Chow, Jacky chan and my crush Louis Koo..goshhh!!) and been visiting the country previously has excite me so much!! oh no i was not bumping on any actors LOL so, yup one of the reason of why i've been dying to watch this film is because Andy Lau is the main lead!


Basically, the story is about a Senior Inspector Lui Ming (Andy Lau) who is so passionate over his duty as a cop and will do whatever it takes to bring down the criminals and find justice. so, it is about a cruel violent by a gang of criminals fighting with a gang of cops lead by him. thats it!

yup, a very simple plot but displaying BIG action scenes. high-powered weapons, car crashing, damages building, grenade and explosion are everywhere in within the story. initiating the movie with a flat scene which its ok lah if you missing the beginning of the movie....Errr

Then, my wake up call was on the fighting scene of the big rifle model blah-blah-blah and small cutie guns between the criminals and polices. Goshhh, lot of cops died because the criminals were not just triggering the high-tech-powered weapons but also throwing grenades whilst the polices just playing with a cute-tiny-little guns to protect themselves. LOL LOL LOL

Then, slowly the next next fighting scenes attracted me. it looks real though, the explosive is dem bombastic haha and although i'm not a fan of action movie, this film was not boring me. yup, there are very little of slight comedy which will make you smile. :)

Anyhow, the very last scene is quite overdoing on my sight. as claimed, the heavy traffic (in the scene) is stuck at the busiest road of HK in which i do remember I HAVE BEEN THERE! it is Canton Rd which located LV boutique. oh still remember lorh we're strolling down this road on a rainy night towards the Chanel store and seeing all the lavish brands there. yup it is an expensive area which caters all the expensive names. ohh my gosh, what a sentimental one. huarghhh wish i could ccw the clock, so my HK photos will be safely keep in this lappy! (T_T) only some will get this....

OK freaking sleepy now. what else? no worry as personally, i still think ANDY LAU is still hot. wearing a cop's uniform makes him look still handsome and a very charismatic one. my only complaint is...is he a human or a cyborg?? hahahha because he is been involved in big accidents few times, involved in big fighting also, ejected by those grenade explosion and blah blah but on a next day, he is back to work normally, no bandage or any plaster! hahhaha LOL

OK ranking would be 3/5, ok lah for a loyal fan of Andy Lau, this is a must. for any action movie lover, definitely 4.5/5 for you as the actions scenes are not gonna disappoint you. lastly, thanks for reading dearest. ^^

Disclaimer: Thanks GSC and Nuffnang MY.


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