Look #117 - That Unsuccessful Peplum Dress

Yeahh, it is still weekend and i've been busying with my #lifeashuman thingy. relaxing at home, accompanying my mom to her fav store, watching tv, attending my friend's wedding and yup, updating the blog as much as i could! haha so how about yours?  =)

Well, this is actually my other Raya dress for the previous Eidulfitri which is not being posted yet. therefore, as being worn on the last week to a friend's wedding, i've got this opportunity to shoot some photos and share in here.

It is tailor-made and the main idea is to having that peplum and colour blocking theme. the material of the top is Emerald green in colour from Jakel and the bottom is like a songket feature which got at Bandung. pardon for not taking some close-up look of it. Oh, i love both materials so much.

Then, that clinching highlight at the waist is totally distracting my sight. huhu i imagined a 'thin' stripe with a bow look-a-like at the middle of it and finishing up with a diamond perhaps but the young tailor just never had seen something like that yet (although i've already show the sample lorhhhh~). so, it ended up as what you've seen above which makes me look fattier. huh honestly, i hate the overall look!

Besides, the sleeve details also FAIL! huh kan nampak macam tak siap je tuh...Arghhh, don't wanna discuss more about this as this is my 2nd fitting and they still couldn't fit my desire. so just let it be. what i learn is never go to that boutique anymore.......

Anyhow, thanks for reading people. ^^

Photographed by RoszaAde and Edited by SizzlingSuzai.


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  1. WAHHH!! cantik nya akak!! feminin sgt..hehee..suka combination color tu..


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