Gambar EH! 20 Yang Anggun Dan Disenangi 2013 (SizzlingSuzaiXCelebrity)

Some of the 20 yang anggun dan disenangi 2013..Arja Lee, Sharmila, Sherry Ibrahim, Sara Ali, Nad Zainal, Kaka, Hanez Suraya, Emma Maembong, Anzalna, Bella & Johan Asari
fierce but she is quite nice ok..Anzalna
sangat cute..Emma Maembong. kecik je kan? love her!
Sharmila and Sherry..both are great actresses.
hmmm...Hanez Suraya memang cantik. quite a nice person too :)
Johan stuff ya all!
Sherry Ibrahim..Oh saya suke giler especially in Teduhan Kasih'!! but lady, that skirt was seriously SHORT! haiyooooo...terus minat jatuh beberapa % ... "=.=
Arrja Lee yang sangat sangat cool! keep it up man!! ^^
host of the night, Linda Onn memang happening, kelakar and entertaining. :)
Oh Shila Hamzah pon ada, live perfomance of "Masih Aku Cinta", seriously her voice is killer!!
special appearance by Miss gorgeous tak hengat..Fabulous Fazura!! again disappointed as this was my 2nd time meeting her but still couldn't get the moment to take a pic together. huh tooooooo exclusive indeed! "=.=
 the bloggerssss!
 thanks a lot Pika @syfiqahhashim for the invite!! :)
kata nak Green tea??? "=.= hahaha nak tukarr ngan kangaroooo!

yup, it is a wrap in here on what happening on the event. please be anticipate over my next post which featuring SizzlingSuzaiXCelebrity !! hehe.. anyhow, i enjoyed the night as meeting with lot of local celebrities who are so famous yet successful in their own career. so, keep it up and thanks pika and all! ^^

to be continue..

p/s : ok dah macam blog gossip2 artis dah..haha sorry as i just love photographing live event and real people. so although gambo tak sharp mana but i'm improving my skill day by day. :)


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  1. gambar kita ada kat hujungggg tu.. hehehe.. =D

  2. hahhaha tu lah lein sgt ghupenyerrr ble pkai speck ngan x..hahaha

  3. eeee suka2 gambar kite together2. nak curikk! hehe u looked gorgeous that night babe! xoxo

  4. jgn lepaskan peluang bergambar ngan fazura pasni yeee...dia sgt OK kalo mntak amik gambar, berkali2 pn xpe...she's nice... :)

  5. curik lahh akk sab oi! haha

    kak alyza oh yeke? hmmm tu lah mgkin bkn rzki sy coz 2x jmp pon die nk blk cpt hahhaa so sy sntiasa xsempat nk tgkap gambo..sedih wooo minat gegilerrr kat die!!


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