Look #115 - Black & Gold

Waffaa scarf / Blazer stole from my mom's old wardrobe / 
Forever 21 maxi dress / Topshop clutch / F21 cuffs

As mentioned, the timeless blazer is being stole from my mom's old wardrobe. haha mom's got lot of blazers in variety of colours. what a fabulous mom i have. hehe high credit to Puan Zaitun for her well investment earlier. thank you mama! :)

Then, the dress has been repeatedly worn but this time, it is no casual and i was trying my best to make it looks exclusive and glam. haha hopefully it is succeed lah. yup, need to thank the blazer for doing its job very well.

Well, additional accessories is always crucial in order to extrude the glam vibe. i chose those cuffs which got at F21 at the very very last minute. haha it was a night before when the store already half closed the doors and the akak cashier already wanna close the counter too, what an extreme journey tho?! very cheap as it is the last item, RM10 for each. then, Eiffel necklace is from Guangzhou, during the previous visit.

Oh, besides a nice clutch is also an important gist. yup never tired of that gold-chain-beige-coloured-clutch yet. from Topshop, after less it is only RM108+ lah. full of indulgence!

Thanks for reading. photographed by SyafiqahHashim and edited by SizzlingSuzai.


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  1. I love ur outfit dear lovely, especially mix with orange shawl. U look so fresh with bold and orange<3



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