(SizzlingSuzaiXCelebrity) Arja Lee, Dynas, Anzalna, Emma Maembong, Kaka, NasT, Sharifah Sakinah and Anding!

Arja Lee, he is very very cool~! lagi jatuh cinta dgn Dr Aaron ni! :)
 Anzalna Nasir..she is nice too :)
For the second time and yet she is still the nice Dynas Mokhtar :)
hehe saya suke Emma Maembong. sangat cun!
 omg sangat lawa..Hanez Suraya! :)
 walaupun nak cepat but she is still spending a moment for this pic, thanks KAKA :)
   Anding yang tak jumpe time H&M. hehe
 Nas-T yang memang best even try to capture this pic for million times! haha
harr walaupun penuh controversy but having a pic together means Sharifah Sakinah quite a nice person though. :)

thanks SyafiqahHashim and all (random) for snapping these pics..hehe. well, ramai lagi sebenanyer yang absence like my most awaited one huhu Beto Kusyairi, Shah Jaszle (omg!), Aiman and blah blah blah. 

and even, i also couldn't get the chance to even say Hi! to Sherry Ibrahim yang saya minat giler kot dalam teduhan kasih...huhu not even missing any episodes!, Nad Zainal hmmm...., Sara Ali for the second time meeting but still hmm...., Johan Asari...seb beik tak minat sgt..OK done! 

Well understood if they were actually catching up on the other things but if they were actually not and just try to avoid the fans...hmmmmm...you're not going anywhere without fans though. hehe just a thought and sorry if you didn't meant to yar...

PEACE!!! :)


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  1. tak tau lah kak klu die mmg nk cepat ade hal kn..but we were trying to get a pic w her but failed as die cpt2 nk blk kn..so..it is like that la..hmmm...sbb i minat die sbannye but skg hmm....haha


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