Look #116 - That 30 Years Old Blue Blazer

 H&M scarf / Topshop top / Blazer stole from my mom's old wardrobe / Bershka Jeans / 
ALDO clog / Charles&Keith bag / F21 Necklace / Samsung Galaxy Gear

Happy Weekend people!  =)

haha yup i do always have a BIG smile when the weekend is arriving as it is the only time for me to really focus on this space! do please expect few blogposts will be update in here since the 2013 is near to the end and i'm trying my best to post all the pending stories. huhu

Pertaining on this look, i should credit my mama for bought and still nicely keeping all these old blazers which are just fit enough on my petite shape. haha guess my mom was exactly the same size of me 30 years ago! haha

Besides that blue blazer as the highlight, i'd likely wanna claim that the jeans is my first item form Bershka. gosh, got it at only RM49! very comfy, elastic material but hey no pockets which is really bad lorh. haha yup, i was not realizing it when i paid it. errk~

Then, the high platfom clog is already 2 years old yet it is still still doing its job very well. love how it transforms me from 5' inch to 6'5 inch haha besides, looking sooo stylish instantly. perhaps, it is really one of the buzz-worthy purchase i've ever made!

Hey, that is Kifli who is my blogger buddy and the photographer of these awesome shots. it is all very nice and sure lah we gonna meet again sooner or later right. haha muuahhhh3x Kifli! ^^

Photographed by KifliMally and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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  1. hey! happy weekend!! cute your mom! ada jacket yg hot gittew. hee


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