Kissing The Bride by Sara Bennett

haha..i am in the mood of the Eskimo..hahaha

Beautifully wrote by Sara bennett. A seriously killing romantic tale between a widow of a 5 years old child, Lady Jenova and her childhood friend - a very handsome king - a woman's heartthrob, Lord Henry. yup, a royal's love story which started as a friend and transforms into a passionate lover.

A bit synopsis as an introduction. Lady Genove who rules the Gunlinghon after the death of the husband, King Mortred. she was in a confusing condition when she insisted Lord Henry to come to her place for an advice over her re-married decision! yup, it is a kingdom era which i adore it so much.

So, Lord Henry stayed at Gunlinghorn for quite sometimes and being stuck there as he found out that the future-selected-younger husband, Alfric who is a son of Lord Baldessare gotta conspiracy to let the Lady down from her throne.

Hmmm...hmmm...hence, that was the beginning of all the lovey-dovey feeling and lalalallalla...the sensual imagination between the lover! hmmm..should read it by yourself lor.... ("^.^)

Actually, I thought i've already wrote the review in here wherein tonight, i just realized that i haven't sharing on this blog yet. What a waste since i've done completed the book on the last year! i've even already forgot what date or even month..hahha not important at all! but what is crucial here is i got the book at the 2011's BigBadWolf (yup, 2011! like seriously suzai?!) and i was randomly grab it and ta-da it turns out to be one of my favourite novel!

OMG, to be honest this is one of the most romantic story i've ever read! the imagination of the love blooming between this two lovers are clearly described. they are fiery in love, very very very passionate of each other and makes me dreaming of my own 'Lord Henry'. Arrghhhhhh.....i'm in stress!!!! hahaha

Obviously, my recommendation would be specify to the reader of a romance genre novels, go and find the 'Kissing The Bride'! try to look at the old book store such as in the Central Market's since the copyright was published in the year of 2004. the original was on 1957??!  LOL

Last word: please look at me and my sister's collection of Conan and 'Hajime Kindaichi Shounen Jikenbo' comics behind my back! hehe..we were so aroused over the investigation kinda anime during our good old days! honestly, i'm always excited to share those collection in here. next time maybe~  :)

TQ for reading. ^^


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