Look #79 - Green for 2013

scarf from H&M outlet / cardigan from F21 / Maxi Skirt from bazaar / shoes from Bandung / 
shades & bag from Vincci / Accessories from Jakarta

Although, this is not the so-called Green Pantone Colour of 2013, i am still so proud wearing this shade walking around in KL. specifically, the green tone of the cardigan is light pear. do please check this colour tones or this jpeg for reference.

As mentioned too many times, I always thought that green and me are just not made for each other. thanks to the F21 cardigan which cost me only RM30 that has changed my skeptical mind. yup, will wearing more greenish items in this 2013!

Honestly, this look is executing the feminine side of me although i was not pairing it with any sky-high heels. Oh dear please, i've enough with the maxi skirt and the pink colour beg!! yup, i was intentionally opted for the flat shoes to balance the overall look. so, it is more relax, more casual but still sweetly pretty. Auuww~ hehehhee...

Dearest, thanks for visiting & reading. :)

* Photos are photographed by my mom & edited by me *


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  1. I think so, green and me are not mad for each other. So that I dont like green :')

    Love the shoots! May I know what camera and lense you use?

    Kindly visit my little cream button ♥ | instagram

  2. kerana Suzailah akak terpengaruh nak buat baju raya kaler ijau tau dak..uhuk

  3. Juz love love love love n love ur cardigan babe!!

  4. Juz love love love love and love ur cardigan babe!

  5. Nina--> tq dear ^^

    Adeayu--> its CANON EOS 550D w basic lense 50mm only dear...hahha the blur background was EDITED by me using the photoshop lor..hehhe

  6. kak OGOSH-->hahahhahaha huii kak bagus tuh IN-TREND ok!!! alemak ni yg tercabar ni..nk p borong kain hijau gak r mane le jd nk kena lwn ak skluarga ni! hahahha

  7. khumaera & atiqah--> ohhh tq sooooo much 4 loving my look here yarr...hehehhe alhamdulillah :)


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