My BFF: She is getting married!

I'm so sure you guys have seen her familiar face on this blog several times. we're not deciding who gonna be our bff or how did we declared the relationship. guys, seriously we don't need all that shit as we are not the desperate Paris Hilton!

So, my beautiful bonding with her happened just like that. we studied in the same university, same course, same classes which saying we have a same schedule and stayed in the same college! so, that was how it all started.

We are absolutely different. she is tall and i am the cutie shawty! hahahha...she is quite silent especially among the new clan and i am obviously active/talkative/over-friendly/blah-blah-blah but honestly, that are the elements that make us complete each other.

Well, the valid reason of this special post is i'd like to announce that she is getting married to the owner of her heart. congratulation babe and i am truly happy for both of you! ^^

Ahakksss...and the other crucial announcement is I AM HER WEDDING PLANNER! hehe..not really being the planner for the whole event but we're in the midst of finding the best bridal package + photography. so, if you have what we're searching for, please give me the info yar..

Your kind feedback is much appreciated! (^.~)


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  1. OMG happy wedding to your best friend ^^ and congrats for being wedding planner!

    visit my little cream button♥ | instagram♥

  2. Happy wedding for ur bestfriend sist.. :)


  3. congratulatulation to her....what about you dear? hehe

  4. tq gurls...yup im happy for her too! hahahaha to KAK OGOSH.....OM GOSHHHH that is a veryyyyy sensitive question to be ask!!..hahahha iAllah pasti tp xtau la bile n siapa adam nyerr.. =D


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