Got My Emerald Green for Eidulfitri 2013!

Yup, I am still with the hunting of the pantone colour of 2013! oh God, everybody in the store was looking and grabbing this shade despite they are the fashion-followers, bride-to-be, the akak-akak yang setiap kali dapat wedding invitation mesti tempah baju baru! and even the makcek-makcek pon sibuk dok carik 'Emerald Green' tau, class kaw! hehe

So suddenly, i became soooo restless looking at the crazy situation and started searching for the one that could attracted me. as easy as ABC! then i found that stunning material in the pic, on the left.

Oh my God, the fabric is freaking fabulous! i love the rich colour of the admiring emerald green plus the shiny effect of the  fabric which makes it look even more stunning. hehe..can't wait to wear it as a peplum top for my Eidulfitri this year. =D

Please know that this is my very first time making the festive preparation as soonest as now...hahaha. Anyhow, one word best to describe is EXCITEMENT!


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  1. yup...sama kaler pulak....peplum jugak? aiseh..kene la pk pattern lain pulak...hiii


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