Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash: The Killer Playlist Should Be Spinned by Abg DJ!

So, here is the invitation card that i'm dying to win!!! OMG, the nuffies are having their birthday bash again in which saying i've missed out the previous year at the Neverland, KL. well, this time gonna happen at the Lust, KL which surely LUSTING for FUN and CHEER!

Yup, never want to skip this time since a Nuffnang event is always a MUST-go one plus this 6th Birthday party must be real-Awesome with such huge name involved. They got DiGi Dezeer who gonna spin the table for the whole night, hosting by two DJ Kevin & Isabelle from the Traxx FM, yummy food of course! and etc etc etc. :)))

So, Fun games, Lucky draws and performances are the list of itinerary of the assuredly FABULOUS NIGHT! Auww if you wanna be one of the clan, read the what-you-have-to-do below:

#1 Sign up with the super cool music world, as simple as signing by using your FB acc. seriously awesome as one click is done with no filling up the complicated form!

#2 Create a PLAYLIST by rename it as NN STICKMAN'S BIRTHDAY in hoping that the DJ gonna play it during the party

#3 Select the lucky 5 tracks. tips: they should be as KILLER AS MINE! haha

#4 Share it in FB.

#5 Share it in Twitter.

#6 you've DONE!

what i LOVE about this DEEZER is the variety of the tracks which are freaking awesome. they got whatever you have in mind by simply search for the tittle/singer. guys, you can even play it with the OFFLINE mode! ohh ohhh....!! more info, please go and visit

So, check mine here. those tracks are basically my ALL-TIME FAVOURITE MUSIC ALBUM in which i do always spinning it on my WMP playlist. indeed, i'm sure all the party-goers gonna shake their bodies and together lip-syncing while listening to the tracks! hahaha... exaggerating is my best ability though! (~.^)


My own NN STICKMAN'S BIRTHDAY PLAYLIST album cover. guys, ready to shuffle! ^^

CLICK the photo or
CLICK HERE to directly go to the
NN Stickman's Birthday PLAYLIST@DEEZER
The favorable 5 tracks are as below

Song #1 
Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars
Album Doo-wops & Hooligans
CLICK HERE to listen
~hehehe..this is absolutely compulsory!!~

Song #2
Run The Show by Kat DeLuna ft Busta Rhymes
Album 9 Lives
CLICK HERE to listen
~seriously tempting, gonna make you go dominicana and bachata!! haha~

Song #3
Goodnight Goodnight by Hot Hot Heat
Album Elevator
CLICK HERE to listen
~try to slow the beat and just chillax with this song for a while~

Song #4
DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love by Usher ft Pitbull (Remix)
Album DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love Remixes EP
CLICK HERE to listen (a sample from 4shared)
~heat up back the party mojo with this cool remix~

Song #5
I Knew You Were Trouble (A Tribute to Taylor Swift) by Phat Tines
Album Red by Taylor Swift
CLICK HERE to listen (a sample from 4shared)
~oh, the current Billboard HIT is also compulsory~


Sharing in FB@SizzlingSuzai *checked!*

CLICK HERE to view

Sharing in Twitter@SizzlingSuzai *checked!*
CLICK HERE to view

yeahhhhh yeahhh..i am DONE!! ("^.^)


Arghh...let me describe the NUFFNANG event on details if you might not feel really arouse about it. oh, i know what to imagine since i have once joined the Nuffnang event for the VASELIN PARTY looooooooong time ago! 

fabulous goodies + celebrities + scrumptious food + fabulous venue (never forget the stunning KL night's top view at the place!) + greatest performances especially from our Yuna Zarai!! + mingling with bunch of friendly famous bloggerssss and blah-blah-blah. Arghhh one word for a Nuffnang event: Unforgettable one! =D

Fyi, the contest is on til 12pm on 26th February 2013. still got lot of time yo! all you need to do is OPEN UP THIS PAGE: Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash Contest and check out the instruction one-by-one if you are not clear with mine. haha..quite a long list to-do but don't mind as IT IS WORTH your time and sweat when you won ONE PAIR of the party's invitation! =))

So, now i am desperately wanna win this invitation and together rocking out the party with any lucky friend of mine. thus, be ready friend, better start showing me your love! hehe..

haha..anyhow, thanks to my hardworking mind and hand as i took about 2 days to complete the whole post here. hahahhahahah..seriously, selecting the 5 tracks was like a nightmare for me because my interest are real-wide, so i got lot of great songs in mind! Arghhhhhhhh....tiring, hopefully these are the DJ's fav! ("><)

Last word, HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY to the Mr. Nuffnang Stickman and dear, do please CHOOSE ME! CHOOSE ME! CHOOSE ME! CHOOSE ME! =P



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