[Review] Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunter


Inspired by the fairy tale of the sibling, Hansel & Gretel who were being abandoned in the deep forest by their own father. then, they stumbled upon a 'candy house' and met the evil witch. at the young age, they managed to escape and shoved her into the fire.

This is when the fairy tale twisted as they'd grow and became a witch hunter. without knowing the reason, they are the only mankind that immune to spells and curses. yup, that is why they are able to fight with all the gruesome witches and they make money from it. by some reason, they were being paid by the Mayor to free all the children who were being kidnapped by the powerful grand witch, Muriel.

After a serious fight with the witches, they were separated and reunited at an abandoned cabin in the middle of the forest. after a while, they realized that it was their childhood home but became curious on the founding of a witch's lair underneath the normal look house.

Suddenly, Muriel appeared and claimed that their mother was actually a grand white witch (a good witch). she and the husband were being killed by the villagers after a rumor spread by Muriel herself as she couldn't fight her and targeted Gretel. yup, thats explaining the reason of the father leaving them in the forest since the parents already heard about the rumor and wanted to protect their children.

So, again the fights began as Gretel was kidnapped to be the slaughter soul for the evil ritual of Blood Moon Sabath. Hansel saved her and they chased against Muriel and finally, successfully killed Muriel back in the 'candy house'!

Eventually, they continue hunting the witches all over the world and makes more money! wahahaha


Truly, it was not my intention to watch this action-horror-fantasy-comedy film. yup, not interested at all! then, last Friday night was quite boring and we just have no other choice. haha..sorry for sound too cruel but unexpectedly, this is a nice and very interesting movie which you guys should go and watch! ^^

Lets just talk about the thing that i love about the whole movie. first, should be the special effects. be it:
the nasty & creepy look of the witches (Muriel can turns herself from a beauty lady to an ugliest creature!),
the retro-futuristic look of the weapons (they are very interesting!)
those magic elements (the witches are riding on the traditionally well-known BROOMSTICK! like seriously!! hahaha..i don't know why but i found this is freaking funny as i kept on laughing when they start to ride on it! hahahhaha...) 
and etc etc.

Then, the actors! hehe..as usual, i always falling for the hero. haha..Hansel a.k.a Jeremy Renner is looking smoking hot in that black leather suit..hmmm a very handsome hunter! ok, no discrimination as i kept on envying Gemma Arterton's perfect body. huhu..do i sound pervert enough?? ok, they are a great pair and i love their chemistry and the acting of both of them.

Despite the fact that this is a comedy film that would probably be the reason why it is not boring. thus, the ranking would be 3.5 out of 5. now again, the acting is simple but zany. so, for me, this movie is a light entertainment for your free and boring weekend. it is worth to spend your money on it. :)

Info is credited to WiKi. Thank you for reading yo!


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  1. adush... tak berkesempatan nk tgk...

  2. whoaah
    thx for the review
    I really wanna watch that movie :D


    Yulia Rahmawati

  3. yulia-->no prob at all dear..its my pleasure :)

  4. wanie chan-->hahhahahha unexpectedly lah dear...x plan pon nk nengok! ^^


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