A Sinful Shopping On A Sunday Out

[ designed by SizzlingSuzai ]

Just dying to share my latest arts here which using the Adobe Photoshop CS5. obviously, the brightness / contrast / sharpness / opacity have been undergo editing.

Personally, i love the vintage look of it and i favour the 'ads' inspiration of the wording so much. yup, kinda over-exposed with the capital letter of the word 'Sizzling Suzai' there....hahaha please do not annoy by it yar.. X)

Hence, let me conclude this post by admit that i shouldn't shop anything else because i was already over the monthly expenses. oh oh, bad behavior! damn scary as tomorrow got a date with my bffffff, Miss Syafiqah at the One Utama where there is a F21 store in it. Oh My Goshhhhhhh!!!

Thanks for reading and Happy still-CNY Holiday to myself. hehe.  ;)


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  1. So pretty! Hey, I like the way you put the words of your blog name XD

    Suddenly miss my bffff too :D

    Kindly visit my little cream button ♥ | instagram

  2. adeayu--> kn kn cool kn babe..heheh tq so much actually i was inspired by one of typo that i found from a graphic book lor :)


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